April 23-25, 2021 Upcoming Fight Announcements

IT’S FIGHT WEEK!⁠ ⁠This week we have the following Fighters set to step over the ropes at Road to Eruption Muay Thai show on Sunday April 25th in Brisbane, Queensland.⁠

CASEY MCCARRON (NSW) is going to have a rematch with fellow NRF Fighter CASSIE BARNES (QLD).

RADA SOVLJANSKI (QLD) will have his first Muay Thai fight.

CODY TSMT (QLD) is having his 3rd fight. His last fight at the Infliction Muay Thai on the Gold Coast in March.

DRÉ TSMT (QLD) is set to fight against a fellow NRF Fighter ORLANDO NAGY (QLD). They are will face each other under Full Thai Rules which looks to be one exciting and tough battle for both boys.

JAYDEN TSMT (QLD) will fight fellow NRF Fighter DELANO NAGY (QLD) in a Full Thai Rules fight at 38kg, both boys bringing skill and experience to the ring.

TALULAH LINEGAR (QLD) is ready to have her 2nd Muay Thai fight after her fight a few opponent last minute pull outs this year, Talulah is excited and even more motivated to jump over the ropes again finally!

SOPHIE HORNER (QLD) will take on fellow NRF Fighter MAELY SOARES SILVA (QLD). This fight will be the 3rd Muay Thai fight for both Sophie and Maely.

To all our members fighting this weekend, we are behind you all the way & can’t wait to hear how you go!! Stay tuned for results next week!


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