April 9-11, 2021 Upcoming Fight Announcements

IT’S FIGHT WEEK!⁠ ⁠This week we have our NRF Fighters set to step over the ropes in Queensland.

• • • •⁠

🥊 BRANDON BARESIC (QLD) is set to have his 20th Muay Thai Fight which will be for the WBC QLD Welterweight Title in Brisbane on Saturday night.

🥊 CHELSEA FORREST (QLD) just fought less than a month ago and she is still on fire and ready to fight in Brisbane on Saturday night for her 4th Muay Thai fight.

🥊 JOSHUA LESTER (QLD) is ready to take to the ring on Saturday night for fight number 4. He will face off for a Muay Thai fight in Brisbane!

• • • •⁠
We are behind you all the way & can’t wait to hear how you go!! Stay tuned for results next week!

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