August 28 Upcoming Fight Announcements

IT’S FIGHT WEEK!⁠ ⁠This week we have the following Fighters set to step over the ropes in Adelaide.
To see our members full fight profiles, click their names below.

HAYDEN LYON (SA) is making a much welcome return to the ring for his 50th fight on Saturday night as a Main Event in a 5×3 Full Thai Rules in Adelaide. We are very excited to see Hayden back on the Muay Thai scene and can’t wait to see him back doing what he loves!  

SAM “THE KIWI VIKING” GOODMAN (SA) is having his last two fights here in Australia this year. Sam is planning to go Thailand or Asia to pursue Muay Thai full time. He is set to have his 9th fight in Adelaide this weekend, he will then have another fight which we will get details for so stay tuned!   Have an awesome fight this weekend Same

To all our members fighting this weekend, we are behind you all the way & can’t wait to hear how you go!! Stay tuned for results next week!

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