BLAKE “THE $2 STEAK” WILSON – Fighter Spotlight

$2 Steak you might ask? Blake was coined this nickname after one of his fights. His opponents trainer said to him after the fight “mate you’re tougher than a $2 steak” and well, it stuck!

Mate you’re tougher than a $2 steak

We had a bit of a catch up with Blake to find out what he’s all about and what gets him over the ropes each time.

“When I first started fighting I guess I just did it to prove to myself that I could. But since the passing of my good friend and head trainer Dino in October 2019, fighting has changed for me. It brought our fight team so much closer and now I fight for them and our name as a gym. Fighting is not easy as a 32 year old carpenter but Dino and I said we won’t stop until we have a belt…or 5 🤷🏽‍♂️”

Wilson fights from the heart but also from a place of passion. Not only does he love the Aussie fight scene and the abundance of shows around (post COVID-19), he’s also in it for the health benefits

It has been a very humbling experience becoming a fighter. Nothing compares to fighting. The excitement, anxiety, fear, adrenaline, glory and defeat have moulded me into who I am today. Everything else is easy compared to fighting. I am a much more confident person professionally and socially than I was before

With 8 fights currently under his belt, Wilson would like to see a more even playing field no matter what sanction you’re fighting under “I would like to see more scoring of fights based on quality of strikes and techniques over quantity

With that in mind, look out for when Blake throws his Teep, because he loves them! Of his fave technique he says he loves a teep to the face because “the crowd goes nuts and your opponent looks at you like “did you just teep me in the face?” 😧

did you just teep me in the face? 😧

To anyone thinking of having their first fight, Blake says “Don’t over think it. Just fight

Look out more from Blake in the ring as soon as COVID restrictions are lifted and shows are back on, he’ll be straight back in there doing his thing!

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