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How To Know When You’re Ready To Fight Competitively

If you’ve been boxing for a while, you may be considering whether or not you’re ready to fight competitively. Nationally Registered Fighters Australia is an organisation dedicated to seeing boxers reach their full potential by connecting them with promoters, sponsors, trainers, and gyms. We understand that for a lot of boxers, competitions are the next natural step in their training. Here are a few signs that indicate you’re ready to step into the ring and find boxing fights in Brisbane.

You’re Fighting Fit

This may seem like an obvious point to most, but what does it mean to be fit enough to fight competitively?

  • Strength. You’ll need to make sure every punch you land has a lot of power and force behind it, so you’ll need to work on building your strength.
  • Agility. Boxing is all about speed and agility. You need to be fast enough to land punches and quick enough to dodge and block your opponent.
  • Endurance. Not many people realise how physically draining boxing is until they’ve spent some time in the ring. You not only need to combine strength, speed, and agility, but you need to keep it up for several rounds.
  • Feeling good. There are so many factors that influence how you feel. If you’re preparing for a fight, you’ll need to eat right, drink plenty of water, have a good sleep schedule, and listen to your body when it tells you that you need to rest.

You’re In The Right Headspace

Your mentality in a match is just as crucial as your physicality. When you’re in the right headspace when fighting, you can keep a clear head, react faster, strike harder, and feel more confident. Here are a few things you can do to make sure you’re in the right headspace for competitive boxing.

  • Meditate or Visualisation. Whether you listen to guided meditations, do mindfulness exercises like colouring-in, or just take 10 minutes to sit quietly and focus on your breathing; meditation is essential for athletes in training.
  • Take time for things that aren’t training-related. We get it; when you’re planning to fight competitively, your whole world becomes about the upcoming fight. However, it’s crucial for your mental health that you take some time, no matter how short, each day to focus on something unrelated. Whether you’re reading a book, watching a TV show, or enjoying time outside with loved ones, take your mind off training for a bit.
  • Celebrate the little wins. If you’re always looking for the next goal to smash, you’ll never be able to stop and celebrate how far you’ve come. Once you’ve signed up for Nationally Registered Fighters Australia, take a minute to reflect on your journey and pat yourself on the back.

You’ve Got A Great Trainer/Coach By Your Side

Your trainer is a crucial element of your training and your match. They spend the hours with you on medical visits, work with you on your diet and nutrition, handle the paperwork and coaching at your training sessions. Your trainer ensures that you are both mentally and physically prepared for a fight. There are plenty of great trainers in boxing gyms in Brisbane, and here’s how to figure out whether your trainer is going to be able to support you through a competition.

  • Can they tell you you’re not ready without discouraging you? If you’re not prepared to fight competitively, your trainer should tell you without discouraging you completely. It’s their job to know when you’re ready and when you aren’t, and they need to be transparent with you.
  • Do they understand your values? Whether fighting is your entire life or it’s just something you do for fun, your trainer should know where you’ve come from, why you’re here, and what you hope to achieve.
  • Are they consistently urging you to grow and learn? A good trainer will never say ‘Great; you’re perfect; that’s all I can teach you,’. A high-quality coach will push you to keep developing your techniques and fine-tuning your abilities.
  • Do you trust them implicitly? You should feel comfortable coming to your trainer with any concerns, questions, and issues you may have. A good trainer will help you work through your hurdles and come out the other side stronger.
  • Are they helping you book fights? Your trainer should always be looking for opportunities to promote you and get you in the ring. If they’re struggling, perhaps point them in the direction of Nationally Registered Fighters Australia. We help individual fighters, trainers, and boxing gyms in Brisbane book fights, find sparring partners, and access a community of 10,000+ combat sports/martial arts specialists, so we’ll help your trainer source whatever they need to see you succeed.

You Know Your Combinations

Repetitive training is essential before a fight, and if you don’t have an almost intuitive knowledge of combinations, you’re not ready to step over those ropes. When you constantly and consistently practice your technique repeatedly, you allow your body to build up muscle memory. The fast pace of a boxing match means you won’t have time to think about your next moves. You’ll need to be making moves whilst simultaneously trying to predict what your opponent is about to do. You need to practice repetitive training to build up your reflexes and improve your confidence in your abilities and performance.

Nationally Registered Fighters Australia Are Here To Help Boxing Gyms In Brisbane Get Their Fighters In The Ring

Nationally Registered Fighters Australia is one of Australia’s leading resources for fighters, gyms, trainers, promoters, businesses, and sponsors working within combat sports. Whether your sport of choice is boxing, Muay Thai, MMA, or Kickboxing; Nationally Registered Fighters will help you find opportunities to get in the ring and progress your career. Our founder and CEO, Melina Yung, is an accomplished former Muay Thai champion and understands first-hand the difficulties fighters face with self-promotion, booking fights, and accessing support.

She has brought her experience and expertise to Nationally Registered Fighters to create a platform that fighters all over the country can use to reach their full potential. If you’re looking for boxing fights in Brisbane, consider joining Nationally Registered Fighters today. We can’t wait to see where your career will take you.

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