Chris “Freight Train” Lindner – February Fight

proindnerOn the weekend NRF Member Chris Lindner fought in South Australia on Knees of Fury. The “Freight Train” fought a tough 3 rounds to come out with a draw. Check out his full fight below.

A little summary from Chris of how the fight went down:

Fought and got a draw.. 18kg weight cut was hard, but no excuses. My opponent came hard and we punched shit out of each other. Both got rocked, I almost got the knock out and for the 20 seconds of the fight we were both rocked and started trading leather gonna have a nice shinner. Was a good fight and I’m happy with a draw

We had a little chat to Chris recently.  Chris is both an MMA fighter and Muay Thai Fighter, we asked the Freight Train how hard it is fighting both styles.

“I find the transition difficult at times, I still find myself every now and then thinking about or starting to shoot for a take down when I fight Thai”

Prior to this fight Lindner had his first Muay Thai fight, he gives us a run down of how that went for him

My last fight, didn’t go to well. Was my first muay Thai fight and I got tkod in the second round with knees to the body. My clinch was pretty weak at the time and he used that through the first round and ended up dropping me in the second

We want to know what’s up next for Chris and what he’s got planned for the future…

Next. I’m not to sure. I do need to work on my fitness, my fitness has been letting me down in my fights so want to focus on that a fair bit. I’ve kind of just been fighting for fun, I enjoy the fight, the competition, I enjoy all combat sports. But after my last fight and watching the other fights that night.  My goal is to hopefully fight for state title in the next year or so. And I’d like to get a few more mma fights and climb up the ranks there.

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