At just 17 years of age, this young beast of a fighter has already amassed 31 Muay Thai fights plus a nice collection of title belts and after demolishing her way through the junior division, Erin has already made a start on the adults, proving she can hang with the best of them!

Current Muay Thai fight Record: 22 Wins – 9 Loss – 0 Draws & 3 KO’s

Titles held:

  • 2019 WMO World Flyweight Title
  • 2019 WKA Junior Australian Bantamweight Title 52kg
  • 2019 Destiny Junior Muay Thai Championship Title
  • 2018 IFMA Youth World Bronze Medal
  • 2018 MTA Junior State Champion
  • 2017 IFMA Youth World Gold Medal 45kg
  • 2017 MTA National Gold Medal

Harberger loves a challenge both personally and in fighting. The rush and sense of accomplishment after a fight is a huge driving force behind her already esteemed fight career, she says;

I love to see how far I can push myself and the places I can go by always accepting a challenge and applying myself”

This young champion also thinks as Aussie we are the best in the world of which she says; “The Australian Fight Industry does well with producing good, tough amazing fighters to represent us on a world platform” . This is glaringly obvious when you look at what Erin herself has achieved already.

Not only does this 17 year old have a positive outlook on the Aussie fight scene, she also discusses how training, and fighting have been a massive influence in her life, stating;

Oh man, being a fighter and getting into muay thai has dramatically changed my life. Before I found Muay Thai, I was a chubby little 8 year old that had pretty bad social anxiety and not a whole lot of friends at school. Being a fighter and being introduced to the art of muay thai allowed me to have so much more self-confidence (I layed off the cookie jar), make new lifelong friends within the gym and very quickly get rid of my social anxiety”

Photo credit: SMGullery Combat Sport

There are soooo many things I love about being a fighter, but if I had to pin point it to one thing I’d say, the strong mindset being a fighter has given me”

For other young fighters or those who would like to follow the path of a fighter Erin has this to say;

“make sure you train hard for it, make sure its something your heart really desires to do, make sure you give it your all and most importantly make sure you have fun with it, enjoy yourself

Watch out for more of Erin as fight show start planning to go full steam ahead once restrictions are lifted. Check out one of her fights below.

Fun Fact: If Erin wasn’t so busy fight training, she’d love to pursue Surfing. “I used to surf a little as a kid and I absolutely adored doing it, again, surfing to me was a challenge and I loved it

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…I do love a kick. Im not fussy if its low, ribs or high just as long as if gets the job done

~ Erin on her favourite technique
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