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We assist to promote fighters of all levels across Australia, with the goal of encouraging more interstate fight matches. So whether you’re training for your first fight or are a pro fighter – NRF are here to support you!

Find sparring partners, fight matches, gyms, news and make yourself available to potential sponsors.

We also help fighters get as much ring experience as possible by providing promoters a centralised database to match their fight cards and to re-match last minute withdrawals.

Another goal is to help fighters find sparring partners, outside of their own gyms, as we all know this is essential to our training!

NRF maintains online fighter records so that all fighters can have their fight history (and titles) kept up to date and accessible by other NRF members. We are here to provide the accurate keeping of fight records.

As active fighters we know first hand how tough it is to find fight matches and sparring partners and of course the dreaded last minute pulls outs.

We want to raise awareness and help to get fighters in combat sports known and recognised. Australia produces AWESOME fighters both amateurs and pro’s and we want the public to take notice.

All membership registration fees go towards the maintenance of fighter records and the constant improvement/upkeep of our membership community.

The more gyms and members we get on board  the more this benefits all our members as we can find you more sparring partners, more fight matches and also get sponsors on board for fighters, gyms and shows.

The more members we have, the more businesses we can get involved to give our members discounts on the things you need for training and fighting…strength in numbers!

We are aiming for a MASSIVE year in getting all of Australia on board, which will help get fighters travelling around the country to fight in all states.

We are all about the fighters….


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