Attention Fight Gym Owners:

It hurts me to see so many people and friends in our industry running fight gyms they think can only be a ‘hobby’ or they run a gym that is under-performing, undercharging and therefore never reaching its full potential.

We all work so hard and have such a great industry that so many more people need to be involved in, and as an industry, we are doing a disservice to the people and families out there that need to embrace this as we all have.

As many of you know, I have been involved in and work directly with a business growth program that many of you have come to work with yourselves over the last few years, and see exceptional results, and once again I want to introduce the idea to you that your stable could be doing better than what it is and providing a lifelong business and income for you.

Last year I ran a FREE live training with Andrew Sparks, the Founder of FitGro, and we heard some exceptional feedback, and those that started to work with FitGro have seen life-changing results.

So the exciting news is, I twisted Andrew’s arm to run another live training just for NRF member gyms AND people in our database network, so you can learn how to make your business much more sustainable.

Truth be told, I didn’t have to twist Andrew’s arm because he knows the challenges we face as an industry and is as passionate about helping us as I am. The big problems Andrew also sees, and has solutions for are:

Fight gym owners running their business full time with their heart and soul, but part time in the hours members come in because they believe their business will never be, can never be, a full time thing. That’s a lie and Andrew will dispel this myth on the training for you

Fight gym owners charging way too little money for the fighters that take most of your time, and every day members who don’t realise the value in the service, and how to demand as much as DOUBLE what you might be charging right now (I have seen this happen and is 100% true)These are just 2 of MANY things we need to fix as an industry and with Combat Sports coming more visible in the public eye, it’s our duty to let our sport shine in the way it needs to.

So this live webinar is on How To Get 1-2 New Members Into Your Fight Gym Every Single Day with Andrew Sparks from FitGro & myself

On It, You’ll Discover:

  • A simple 2-step funnel that generates clients on demand and allows you to turn your hobby into your dream business (yes, it can be a full time, highly profitable business)
  • The 3 major mistakes that 85% of fight gyms make, and how to reverse them immediately
  • The exact system that has grown multiple clients (in this industry) to 6 and 7 figure revenues in the last 4 yrs
  • How you can do the same in your fight gym

Click here to register for the free webinar

The training is on June 18th at 11am (Brisbane Time) and you have to clear your calendar, book an hour off your job, put the kids in the gym for an hour and let them go wild, because this is an hour you will not want to miss.

Since Andrew has been working with me and the fight gyms I know, one common factor is glaringly obvious!

We really undervalue ourselves as businesses in our industry…

We hope to see you online and make sure you REGISTER for the webinar


Seeing Andrew being able to help those who attended our last webinar and the huge difference he’s made in not only their business lives, but in their personal lives, as their gyms flourish and put them in a position where their gym is running how they could only dream of!

As an added bonus for those of you who are NRF member gyms and you join the webinar, you’ll get a little something special offered to you during the webinar that is not available anywhere else at any time.

Cheers Melina

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