July 15-16 Fight Results


Results from the weekends fights.
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GOLD MEDALIST! Congratulations to ZOE PUTORAK (ACT), who won a gold medal at the World Games 2022 in the USA, with an outstanding performance inside the ring, ending her fight with a devastating headkick to take home the Gold.  Well done and thank you for representing Australia! 

“Got that gold, what we came for, bringing it back home to Australia!” ~ Sabai Muay Thai and Boxing

YOLANDA “THE SPRINGBOK” SCHMIDT (NSW) also represented Australia at the World Games 2022 in USA. She didn’t bring home a medal but we are so proud of her performance and as always her skills and professionalism every time she steps over the ropes.  We are so proud of you Yolanda and you always do your country so proud!

“No joy for Yolo today in the Bronze medal bout. Finished strong but unfortunately it wasn’t enough to get the nod. Thank you once again to everyone back home for all the messages of support, it’s been amazing” ~ PTJ Muaythai Gym


BROOKE “PSYCHO” COOPER (QLD) stepped over the ropes again on Friday night.  After a tough 5 rounds in an 8 round fight, she came home with a dominant TKO victory at Infliction Boxing on the Gold Coast. Brooke landing some well placed shots and really getting her eye in. We love watching Brooke smashing her way through the Pro Boxing division!  She wants to fight the best and is open to anyone who’s willing to take her on!

“Victory was had.  It was a pleasure to share the ring with a goddamn tough woman; [my opponent], out of WA.  Thankyou to my team of legends @michaelmcgowanreberger ~ Brooke Cooper

A winning move from MISA “THE SHERMAN TANK” NOROUZI (WA) over his opponent. We are so proud to have matched this Boxing fight for Misa he peformed strong and put on an impressive performance.  This is one boxer to watch as he makes his name in Professional Boxing! 

Photo Source: Infliction Fight Series

“A big congratulations to Misa (aka “The Sherman Tank”). Misa had his pro debut on the Gold Coast tonight, against a worthy opponent and good fighter. Misa has worked very hard for the last 8 weeks and he really deserved the win he got tonight. Words can’t express how proud I am of this guy. ~ Agoge Boxing Gym

SACHA RYAN-DRYDEN (QLD) secured the Win in Pro Boxing on Friday at Infliction Boxing. Sacha wa patient and focuses. She scored well by getting a couple 8 counts on her opponent throughout the 4 rounder fight! Great work Sacha!🥊

Photo Source: Infliction Fight Series

“Last night I went back through the ropes and secured that W! Shout out to my team @nrfaustralia for getting the match up and @inflictionfightseries for giving me the opportunity to be on the card!!~ Sacha Ryan-Dryden

ANTHONY PAPAZ (QLD) put on a beautiful technical display of Muay Thai. Always an exciting fighter to watch and a crowd favourite. Anthony took on a experiend opponent from Thailand with 154 fights under his belt and even after a long stint for Ant out of the ring, he still came away with a unanimous points win after 3×3 minutes of Full Thai Rules.  Always striving to fight the best and do his best, Ant is a great Athlete.  Well done Anthony!! 

Photo Source: Infliction Fight Series

Winner by Unanimous points decision, BRADLEY “SHORT FUSE” EARNSHAW (QLD) gets the chocolates on Saturday Night! Brad fought a strong at 3 rounds of Full Thai Rules on Saturday at Infliction Muay Thai. Great work Brad!

“Got the win today. Thank you to these legends for always pushing me and everyone at @urbanmuaythaigym and everyone that’s helped me along the way, you know who you are.” ~ Bradley Earnshaw

What a great fight! ELI WILDS came away with a win on Saturday at Infliction Muay Thai. He put on an exciting technical Muay Thai fight and impressed the crowd with his style. 

Photo Source: Infliction Fight Series

“Next off the blocks was Eli, who after a series of injuries was finally able to step over the ropes and put his hard work and natural talent into effect. Eli looked very composed and fought as technical a fight as one can with only two fights under their belt. Eli came away with a split decision win.” ~ The Ironfist Gym

It was a non-stop Muay Thai action fight from NAS “DESTRUCTION” MUKHTAR  (QLD) at Infliction Muay Thai. Unfortunately just missing out on the win this time around, Nas fought hard right till the final bell! We are so proud of your positive outlook, you have a very bright fighting career ahead of you! On to the next one!

“Wins and the losses, it come with being bosses. Didn’t get the win but no excuses! More work to be done and only upwards…” ~ Nas Mukhtar

IT WAS DONE BY THE BLADE!  BEN “THE BLADE” JOHNSTON (QLD) secured the win with a rear naked choke submission. Well done, champ! 

Photo Source: Eternal

Back in the winners circle. I’m pretty Happy about it  ~ Ben Johnston


Another outstanding victory for DAMIEN MARSLAND (QLD), who competed for his second Muay Thai fight. Congrats, Damien!

“Damien got the Win. Awesome work to the boys and back in the office next week to work on the next fights.” ~ Limitless Combat Sports

A great Muay Thai fight performed by DANIEL SHERLOCK (QLD) on the weekend. Unfortunately he didn’t come away with a win this time around, we’ll see him back in there again soon! Well done Daniel!

“Didn’t get the win on the Saturday, but oh well back to the drawing board, cheers to the team @lcs_limitless_combat_sports for getting me fight ready.” ~ Daniel Sherlock

Woohoo! Congratulations to DELANO NAGY (QLD) who won the SIAM Australian Title by Split points decision in 5-round technical Muay Thai fight. A well-deserved win. Awesome work Delano!

“The New 46kg Muay Thai – Australian Champion Delano Nagy! Fought strong 5 technical rounds Full Muay Thai Rules! Hard  work and  dedication! Well done Delano, Our Team is very proud of you!” ~ Fighter’s Haven

TYLER ZIRKEL (QLD) fought a great Muay Thai fight, but unfortunately he didn’t get the win on the weekend. With every fight he keeps on improving. He’ll definitely be back soon!

CURTIS TSMT (QLD) won against fellow NRF member SETH WHITE (QLD) in a Junior Muay Thai fight on the Sunshine Coast. These boys demonstrated great skills and gave their all. After 3 exciting good rounds, Curtis hand was raised as victor. Well done boys!

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