July 16-17 Fight Results


Over the weekend a few of our members fight at the Infliction Fight Series on the Gold Coast on Friday and Saturday. 

(Check out our fighter’s full profiles by clicking their names below)


BROOKE “PSYCHO” COOPER fought a very exciting and skillful Pro Boxing Debut fight for the WBC Australasian Lightweight Title. Psycho living up to her name going 8 hard tough rounds and showing everyone her level of skill and fitness. Unfortunately she didn’t get the win against one of Australia’s best boxers, but she certainly stamped her mark in the boxing world. Brooke put on a great show and gave her opponent a very close fight! What an incredible fight, Brooke!

MELINDA LEE DOORLEY had her Boxing debut on Friday night and came away with a unanimous decision win! A well-deserved celebration! Great work, Melinda!⁠

ORLANDO NAGY won and is now the new Siam Junior Queensland Champion against fellow NRF member DRÉ TSMT. A fantastic effort, and dedication by both junior fighters showing true sportsmanship, and skills. Great fight, ORLANDO and DRÉ!

SOPHIE HORNER won against fellow NRF member KEEVA STRACHAN. We are so proud of these girls for making this fight possible. Well done girls!

A successful weekend for HANNAH MORGAN who stepped over the ropes for her first professional Muay Thai fight. Hannah came away with a win against a more experienced opponent. Well done, Hannah!

It was a great, tough, and entertaining fight by CODY TSMTHe didn’t come away with a win but what an exciting fight with both fighter puttig 8 counts on each other!  They had the crowd on their feet! 

RADA SOVLJANSKI had his second Muay Thai fight on the weekend. No win this time around, but Rada showed his strength, skill and hard work in a a great fight.

TENYSHA FONG had her 6th Muay Thai fight on the weekend. Unfortunately not her night, so no win, but she’s ready to go again in September and looking to train hard to push through the next one. 

BRENTON COX had his first Muay Thai fight. No win for Brentonm but he showed great Muay Thai technique and put his hard work to the test. Well done Brenton we can’t wait to see you back in there!

RUSSELL SMITH had an awesome fight experience for his second Muay Thai bout on the weekend. Unfortunately, no win for Russell this thime around.  Back to training and on to the next one!

ROSS WHITLOCK had his third Muay Thai fight and delivered an awesome performance. Ross came away with a solid win with the crowd impressed with his abilities! Well done Ross!

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