July 16-17 Upcoming Fight Announcements

IT’S FIGHT WEEK!⁠ ⁠This week we have the following Fighters set to step over the ropes at the Infliction Boxing – July 16th, Siam Cup to Infliction and Infliction Muay Thai – July 17th on the Gold Coast.
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BROOKE “PSYCHO” COOPER is returning back to the ring to have her first Boxing fight. She will compete for the WBC Lightweight Australasian WBC Title. Go get that belt Brooke!

MELINDA LEE DOORLEY a few more days Melinda will step back into the ring – this time for her boxing debut. Enjoy the experience!

ORLANDO NAGY will be having a Muay Thai fight against fellow NRF member DRÉ TSMT. They will compete for the Siam QLD Title.

KEEVA STRACHAN is set to fight against fellow NRF member SOPHIE HORNER. We are looking forward to seeing this fight!

CIARA RICHARDS is ready for her 8th Muay Thai fight this weekend. All the best Ciara!

HANNAH MORGAN will step up for her first professional Muay Thai fight against a more experienced opponent in a Full Thai Rules fight at 52kg.

CODY TSMT is having his 5th Muay Thai fight – Full Thai Rules fight at 66kg.

RADA SOVLJANSKI will step up for his 2nd Muay Thai fight in a Full Thai Rules at 77kg.

BRENTON COX stepping over the ropes for his first Muay Thai fight – Full Thai Rules fight at 66kg.

ADAM MOHI is ready and keen to fight for his second Muay Thai fight.

TENYSHA FONG will be having her 6th Muay Thai fight at 55kg. You got this Tenysha – got get that W! 

RUSSELL SMITH is having his 2nd Muay Thai Fight in a Full Thai Rules at 74kg. Let’s go Russell!

ROSS WHITLOCK is making his way to centre ring for his 3rd Muay Thai fight – MTR at 68kg.

To all our members fighting this weekend, we are behind you all the way & can’t wait to hear how you go!! Stay tuned for results next week!

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