June 26-27 Upcoming Fight Announcements

IT’S FIGHT WEEK!⁠ ⁠This week we have the following Fighters set to step over the ropes in Queensland and New South Wales.

To see our members full fight profiles, click their names below


KAROLYN “KRAZY KARO” KLEINHAAR is making her way up to North Qld from the Gold Coast to compete for the MTA Junior Middleweight Title. She is pumped and ready for her 7th Muay Thai fight , for which she is currently undefeated. Go, Krazy Karo!

TANDIA SINGLETON is stepping up for her 8th Muay Thai fight for the Featherweight MTA Title. Can’t wait to hear how you go, Tandy! 

SOPHIE HORNER is ready to step over the ropes for her 4th Muay Thai fight. This young warrior loves to accept challenges to help her grow in her Muay Thai career. Go, Sophie!


LUKE “THE DUKE” FRASER will go to battle for the MTA Australian Title. The Duke is going back in the ring for his 14th Muay Thai fight.  Go get that belt Duke! 

DAVID BORG will be fighting for the MTA Queensland Title at 59kg for his 11th Muay Thai fight. You got this Davey!

ROBBIE SOMERFIELD is ready for his 6th Muay Thai fight. Robbie’s last fights were in May, at the Allan Bell Tournament where he fought and won twice in the one day, coming away with a gold medal. Can’t wait to see you back in the centre ring!


YOLANDA “THE SPRINGBOK” SCHMIDT is returning back to the ring to fight at 57kg. After a long break due to injury, Yolo came back to have her first Boxing fight, which she won and is now back in the Muay Thai world for her 47th fight We are excited to see you back in action Springbok!

PAUL ROGERS a few more days before Paul steps over the ropes for his 9th Muay Thai fight. He fought last March and won the WKBF Australian Super Welterweight Title. Can’t wait to hear how you go, Paul!

AMBROSE ADELAIDE is making his way this weekend for his first Professional fight. Ambrose has had 9 Amateur fights and is very keen to be turning Pro!

LINDON WOTTON is set to step over the ropes for his 31st Muay Thai fight which will be at 70kg Pro. Lindon has had a long break from fighting and we are super exctied to see him making a return to what he loves!  

KIM DONGWHAN Another Professional fight for new NRF fighter Kim Dongwhan from PTJ. This is his 31st Muay Thai fight and will be at 67kg.  After some time out of the ring we are looking forward to seeing Kim back in there doing his thing!

To all our members fighting this weekend, we are behind you all the way & can’t wait to hear how you go!! Stay tuned for results next week!

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