June 4 Fight Results


Results from the weekends fights. (Check out our fighter’s full profiles by clicking their name below)


Congratulations to this legend NICK “TNT” TRASK (QLD) on his 42nd fight and his retirment!  He is now the new WMC Super Middleweight Professional Australian Title holder!! What a way to end his acomplished career. Thank you for all your hard work and dedication to the sport Nick. Enjoy your retirement, we look foward to seeing what the next stage in your career brings you!

GRAEME “GRIM REAPER” CLARKE (QLD) fought for the WMC Junior Title Fight this weekend. No win for Graeme this time around, but he put up a tough fight agaist a skilled opponent.

💚This kid right here is an inspiration
Graeme has been with Rippers since we very first opened! In that time he has fought the absolute best kids in his division often heavier and with 10+ more fights than him, just so he could climb those ropes. Every time he proves just how tough and talented he really is! Proving why he deserved to be selected to fight for the prestigious WMC Junior State Title! This time around Graeme was looking sharper and fitter than ever! We didn’t take the belt, but we know this kid is going places with his determination!”~ Rippers Gym Muay Thai Hervey Bay💚

TAYVIAN MARDEN-RYLE (QLD) made his debut on the weekend Unfortunately, he didn’t came away with a win but put up a good fight after 3×2 Modified Thai Rules, he came away with a close split points loss. Great work Tayvian

ELIJAH “INTENSE” STOUT (QLD) has his 1st Muay Thai fight. Opening the show and impressing the crowd with his skills and abilities, this young fighter has a huge future ahead of him.  Unfortunately, he didn’t came away with a win on the weekend, but the crowd were impressed. Well done Eli! Keep on fighting—keep on learning!

Eli’s commitment to training is second to none. He is always putting in 100% and that showed last night. If you were listening to the commentators you would have heard them say that both boys are very talented considering it’s their first fight, and that couldn’t be any more true. Both boys were going hit for hit, counter for counter in a beautiful display of Muay Thai! With a split point in it, we didn’t take the win but Eli is a winner in our eyes! Check out this beautifully executed jump knee and sweep! “~ Rippers Gym Muay Thai Hervey Bay

JOSH BRAY (QLD) was up against a tough opponent. The result didn’t go his way but he gave everything he had and we couldn’t be more proud of him. Well done Josh!

SHE’S BACK IN ACTION!! What a solid performance from “GORGEOUS JORG” HERSEY⁠ (QLD) who’s back after a 2 years out of the ring! After three cracking rounds, she came away with a solid unanimous points win with impressive teeps and a barrage of solid punches. Well done Jorja!

ANDREW “HURMANATOR” HURMAN (QLD) had his third fight on the weeked. He didn’t get the win but what an exceptional display of sportsmanship, we are so proud of you for fighting with determination and spirit!

DAVID “DREAMCATCHER” CHASE (QLD) also featured on the weekend. Despite of a loss, he has gained valuable experience from the match and will be back again in the ring soon!


MADELINE NOONAN (QLD) had a great time fighting over the weekend in Yeppoon and won a well-deserved victory. . Strong work! 


Congratulations to ALFIE BULLOCK (QLD) who had a great boxing fight last Saturday. He’s been training hard for this and the hard work paid off!! You did an amazing job Alfie! We can’t wait to see how far you go and wish you the best of luck in your future fights! 

It was so thrilling to see our new member, WINSTON HUGHES (QLD) win last weekend for his third boxing bout. Winston has put in months of hard work and training, and it has truly paid off. Well done Winston! Well deserved.


Congrats to KEN “BABY FACE ASSASSIN” AITKEN (QLD) on a fight well done! He lost a close fight in Melbourne but he showed true warrior spirit. Ken has the heart of a champion and we can’t wait to see him in action again

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