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Written by: Yolanda Schmidt

Lukphinong Muaythai Gym

Brotherhood is not necessarily defined by blood, but rather a strong connection between people. Lukphinong Muaythai is a young gym located in the tropical Darwin, Northern Territory. The gym was founded by three men, Astro, Trent and Martinho, with a bond as close as brothers, just over 2 years ago. Lukphinong translates to techniques (Luk) and brotherhood (phinong), emphasising the family environment they wish to promote at their gym.


Regardless of being a young gym, Lukphinong has featured on some prominent fight shows during 2017 such as CMT, Undisputed, JWP Tomorrows Champions and SIAM Cup. This alone is a great highlight for the year. However, their biggest highlight is the extensions made to their gym. Two years ago, thanks to endless hour of work put in by friends and sponsors, Lukphinong opened their doors with only two boxing bags, a four meter boxing ring, very little floor space, a couple of Thai pads and a handful of members. Now, equipped with a professional sized ring, more floor space and a fight team, they are looking forward to growing their gym family in 2018.


Lukphinong places high value on the art of Thai boxing and the Thai culture. If you enjoy the tropics and the training in the fresh air, similar to that seen in Thailand, then this is the gym for you. Lukphinong offers an open aired Thai style gym environment with a variety of classes for all ages and skill level.


Lukphinong Muaythai has a strong relationship with Sutai Muaythai Gym in Thailand. Trainer, Trent Hansen, represented Sutai as a sponsored fighter in 2014, and has maintained the line of communication since opening Lukphinong. The trainers and members travel to their affiliated gym, as a yearly tour, to ensure they are continuously developing their knowledge and skill. This relationship assists with fight match making for fighters of the respective gyms.
In the year of 2018 Sutai Muaythai Gym will be bidding farewell, on a temporary basis, to one of their sponsored fighters. Lukphinong Muaythai Gym will become the home of Scottish superstar, Craig Dickson, for 3 months via a Muaythai exchange. Here he will train and fight representing his new gym at 64-67kg, looking to take on anyone who is available during his stay. Dickson has over 100 fights under his belt and is also 2x MX champion.


The team at Lukphining Muaythai Gym believes that anyone who commits and puts in the hard work can have a promising future in Muaythai. The fight team prides themselves on their professional conduct and attitude toward the sport. Additional names to look out for this year, out of Lukphinong, are Dante Rodrigues, Amelia Dickson, James Bromley, Alan Ryan and, Eddie and Brooke Farrell.


It is great to see the passion of Muaythai growing in Australia, Astro says “we want to help the sport grow in the NT and put Darwin on the map for Aussie Muaythai”.


Not only does Lukphinong aspire to grow Muaythai in the Northern Territory, but also in countries less fortunate. Astro and his son, Dante, travelled to Timor-Leste where they supplied local boxing gyms with Muaythai training equipment donated by their friends and family.


This year, 2018, Lukphinong has their eyes set on more title fight opportunities, interstate and international trips and further promoting Muaythai in the Northern Territory. Growing their Muaythai family is also high on their priority list, so if you live in tropical Darwin and have always wanted to train in Thailand, perhaps give Lukphinong a call.


“We welcome anyone to come and join our brotherhood”, Says Astro

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Written by Yolanda Schmidt 

Muaythai Fighter : 35 Fights (28W-6L-1D-9KO)

WKN Australian title, WMC NSW State Title, WKA Australian Title, World Muay Thai Angel Champion, Thapae Stadium title, 2x MTA Gold medalist (2014, 2015), 2x IFMA Bronze medalist (2015, 2016), Australian Female Muaythai Fighter of the year 2015 & 2017, Australia’s most inspirational fighter of the year 2016

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