May 22-23 Fight Results


Over the weekend a few of our members fought in Queensland on Saturday. 

(Check out our fighter’s full profiles by clicking their names below)


ALEX O’LEARY fought for Siam Junior Australian Title. Unfortunately, he did not win, but we are so proud of you for stepping up to take on this fight.  Great work, Alex!

BRAEDYN DUGGAN had a Muay Thai fight. Unfortunately, he came away with a loss decision. Braedyn’s coaches were very happy with his performance.   Awesome work, Braedyn!

ALFIE BULLOCK fought for the Siam Junior QLD Muay Thai Title. No win this time around for this young champ who went up in age to have a crack at the title! Great work Alfie for putting on a great show!


OCTAVIOUS MACDONALD had his 3rd Muay Thai fight. A successful weekend for Octavius, he came out with a solid win! 

NOAH TSMT had his 10th Muay Thai fight. No win this  time, Noah put on a good performance by showcasing his technique. His team at TSMT are proud of how he’s progressing each fight as are we! Unto the next one, Noah!

WILL SEYMOUR won his 2nd Muay Thai fight. A fantastic effort, showing his continuous dedication. Congratulations Will!

ZACHARY DE VISSER had his 6th Muay Thai fight with Zach bringing home the W. Congratulations, Zach!

We also had another NRF Fighter fought in Doyalson, New South Wales on Saturday.


JAYDEN KINGSLEY had his 9th Muay Thai fight. Unfortunately, he came away with a points loss this time, but he definitely showed the crowd his awesome Muay Thai skills. Great work, Jayden!

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