May 28-30, 2021 Upcoming Fight Announcements

IT’S FIGHT WEEK!⁠ ⁠This week we have the following Fighters set to step over the ropes in Queensland and Victoria.
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SOMSURAT RANGKLA (VIC) is having her 11th Muay Thai bout on Friday. We are excited to see you back in the ring again Som!

HANNAH MORGAN (NSW) will be having her 5th Muay Thai fight on Friday, she heads down to Melbourne ready to show VIC what she’s got! 


JESS “THE MESS” TURNER (QLD) is ready for her 7th Muay Thai fight this weekend. She is will be taking on fellow NRF member CASSIE BARNES (QLD). All the best ladies, we can’t wait to see you both in action! 

SKYLAH “HEADSHOT” HAMILL (QLD)  is set to fight against a fellow NRF member CHARLIA HODGSON (ACT). They will be fighting for an MTA Australian Title belt. This will be one exciting fight! We are looking forward to seeing this one!

JOSHUA LESTER (QLD) will be having a Muay Thai fight against a fellow NRF member BAILEY PROBERT (NSW). Josh and Bailey are ready to jump over those ropes. We can’t wait to witness the action-packed fight of these awesome fighters. 

To all our members fighting this weekend, we are behind you all the way & can’t wait to hear how you go!! Stay tuned for results next week!

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