Member Results- August 25-27th 2017



Quinton “Da Hitman” Smith changed hands from Muaythai over the weekend and stepped into another boxing bout, taking on the current Australian Champ (44/46kg) in a tournament in Brisbane. He did absolutely fantastic coming away with 2nd place- Silver Gloves title! Top work “Da Hitman”!

Didn’t come away with the win [losing] a close fight to the Australian champion it could off went either way but to be silver gloves and 2nd in Australia is still a great effort I’d like to say a big thanks to every person that help me to get to were I am thank you so much now I’ll get ready to take on the world in Ireland in 6 weeks time” -Quinton “Da Hitman” Smith

Silver for Quinton “Da Hitman” Smith

The boys from the Extreme Boxing Wrecking Crew were up to take on the stash of titles. Here’s how Liam, Max and Spencer went:

Liam “The Devil” Pope weighed in and focused on getting the Gold on Sunday, unfortunately losing on points and coming away with the Silver Gloves title.

Liam fought in the finals for golden gloves this afternoon, he fought a very strategic fighter and lost on points. He got the silver for his weight and fought with heaps of heart. ” – Trainer, Hemi Niha

…Thank you everyone for the support! Especially Hemi Niha and Keena Hull, you two are the back bone of us boxers and do above and beyond for myself and the boys! I think this might be my last Amateur fight as this has tipped the scales and it’s made my mind up that I want to pursue professional boxing” ~ Liam Pope

Max Loughran weighed in for his first boxing bout for the 52kg Junior Male division, however the opponent pulled out 2 hours before they were supposed to fight. Max walked through and received the Golden Gloves title. Disappointed he didn’t get to fight and earn the medal, we say he definitely earned it for his fight prep and training dedication.

I also had the honor to put the golden gloves medal round his neck that he won as an [unopposed] boxer in the 52 junior male division. He has earned this. Although he never [fought] for it he definitely trained for it” -Trainer, Hemi Niha

Gold for Max Loughran

Spencer Parton who was ‘pumped and ready’, winning his first round on Thursday at the tournament taking him through to the semi’s on Friday. He fought with heart but unfortunately didn’t take the win. Awesome efforts Spencer!

A great effort from Spencer tonight unfortunately we did not get the win but he fought a very tough fight against a fighter from new Caledonia…He represented our gym and him self and his family with the honour and determination and the courage that it deserves ” -Trainer, Hemi Niha


Queensland’s Jasmine “Princess” Parr went to the UK to bring home the ICO Intercontinental 47kg Junior Muay Thai title. Going hard in all 5 rounds, winning by UPD she won the belt. Huge congrats to “The Princess”, the hard work, dedication and focus of this young athlete is just awesome- at 14yrs of age! Well done Jazzy!!

Made it threw all 5 rounds and put on an absolute war! Thank you Birmingham for having me ❤️- Jazzy “Princess” Parr

Jazzy “Princess” Parr and her UK opponent.

See the “Princess’s” fight here:


Liam “The Devil” Pope SILVER Boxing
Quinton “Da Hitman” Smith SILVER Boxing
Spencer Parton LOSS Boxing
Max Loughran GOLD Boxing
Jasmine “Princess” Parr- ICO Intercontinental Junior title WIN Muay Thai

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