Member Results December 16-17 2017

Yolanda Schmidt Angel

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MARK “THE ALL SPARK” SOLOMON brought us another great fight vs fellow NRF member Ayde “Prickles” Walker. A tough one that could’ve resulted for a win on either of these two great fighters. Definitely a fight worth a big thumbs up!

“Cheers big ears you are a warrior of experienced it showed Defently not checking, thanks for giving me a lesson bro enjoy the spoils of victory you deserve it bro – Mark Solomon

Mark Solomon in action

AYDE “PRICKLES” WALKER after a long break, Prickles showed what he is capable of. A fight well fought indeed as he brought home a win he is really really proud of! Great to see you back where you belong Prickles – Centre Ring.

“OK emotional post after 5 years of putting 30kg on and then losing 20kg I had my first fight back last night, honestly I’m so overwhelmed by the support and love of everyone!! I had to piece together training partners train through so many injuries and jumped so many hurdles but I made it….” – Ayde Walker

Ayde Walker in action (red corner)


YOLANDA “SPRINGBOK” SCHMIDT  an absolute proud moment for our new WORLD MUAY THAI ANGEL CHAMPION! After 4 strong tough fights, this champ is absolutely proving to the world that she is one of the best out there! Well done Yolo!

“And i present to you… the new World Muaythai Angel ” – Yolanda Schmidt

Yolanda weigh in

Check out her fight here (blue)

Yolanda Schmidt Angel
Yolanda brings home the win!


Mark  SolomonLOSSMuay Thai
Ayde WalkerWINMuay Thai
Yolanda Schmidt
World Title
WINMuay Thai

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