Member Results February 10 2018 | Nationally Registered Fighters (Australia)
Member Results February 10 2018

Check out the weekends NRF member fight results from around Australia (and internationally) here…


YOLANDA SCHMIDT  flew from NSW to fight in a huge tough war in QLD.  Yolanda pulled out all stops to come home with a well deserved win. Well done YOLO!


“After having a rough fight camp I’m happy to have brought home the win last night on Aggression 7 in Brisbane. Thank you for the messages of encouragement for the fight, awesome to receive them.Thank you to my opponent for sharing the ring with me, what a war it was. ” – Yolanda Schmidt

Yolanda(left) weighed in

Yolanda(left) won!  


EMILY CORRY  put on a awesome display of Muay Thai showing the punters her skilful head kick.  Unfortunately the decision didn’t go Emily’s way but she sure wowed the crowed and earned herself some new fans!  Great work Emily!


Emily(left) weighed in

Emily(left) in action!


DIANDRA MARTIN  put on an aggressive performance as she dominated the fight landing beautiful knees to her opponent. Diandra came away with an impressive WIN!


Diandra Martin(left) WON!

Dianadra showed her powerful leg strategy!


AMY “Dutto” DUTTON  had her second fight back after a few years out of the ring.  Dutto went the full 5 rounds under full thai rules, not getting the win but scoring her first cut in 20 fights! Great to see you back in action Dutto!


Amy(right) weighed in


JARROD “STONE” MASON had the crowd going ballistic in Brisbane.  This beast went head to head with his opponent over all 5 rounds but just coming up short of the win.  Great fight Jarrod! Well done.


Jarrod(left) weighed in

Jarrod in action


“PRINCESS” JASMINE PARR  also fought in Brisbane, unfortunately after sustaining a head kick knock out Jazzy was not able to recover in time to continue.  We wish Jasmine a speedy recovery and look forward to seeing her back in the ring!


Jasmine(right)weighed in


Jazzy in action!


MICHELLE OWENS  put on an impressive performance, the Canberra fighter went to war in Brisbane on the weekend, coming away with a dominate win.


Michelle(right) releasing her powerful kick

Michelle(left) announced that she won


DANIEL MARSHALL also hailing from Canberra also coming away with a dominate win and impressing the punters with his style and aggression.  Great work Daniel!


Daniel(right) announced he won the fight




Yaolanda SchmidtWINMuay Thai
Emily CorryLOSSMuay Thai
Diandra MartinWINMuay Thai
Amy DuttonLOSSMuay Thai
Jarrod MasonLOSSMuay Thai
Jasmine ParrLOSSMuay Thai
Michelle OwensWINMuay Thai
Daniel MarshallWINMuay Thai

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