Member Results February 23-24 2018

Member Results February 23-24 2018

Check out the weekends NRF member fight results from around Australia here…


GRIFFIN NIKPALJ fought hard on the weekend on the Sunshine Coast,  coming away with the win. Great work Griffin!

Griffin and Krystal at weigh in.


Griffin in action


HOLLY NGUYEN also fought on the Sunshine Coast, unfortunately not coming away with the win this time around but doing her family proud!

Well we did not get the win tonight but Holly gave it her all. She fought a war with a one time world champ & 2 x Australian champ. We love you kid & are so proud of all the effort you have put in for this ~ Ally Nguyen

Holly in action



NATALIE “NAT THRILLS” HILLS took a fight at last minute notice and also took home the win.  Well done Nat!

Can’t thank enough for the early morning garage sessions before work n all his guidance over the years, meant a lot to get the win with him in my corner last night on home turf. -Natalie Hills

Made weight in short notice (weigh in)


Brought home the win!



Griffin Nikpalj WIN Muay Thai
Natalie “Nat Thrills” Hills WIN Muay Thai
Holly Nguyen LOSS Muay Thai