Member Results July 15, 2016

On the weekend NRF Fighters Tamika “Tenacious” Di Cesare and Beck Boyd went head to head.  After an exciting war between these two, Tamika came home with the win…

Winner winner! Thanks to Bec for a good fight! Now time to work towards things that need to be tidied up and hit it again in 3 weeks!

Thanks for everyone who came down to show their support. ???
Thanks for Andrew, Ian and Jamie for being in my corner and the constant support from my team! Couldn’t ask for a better team to be apart of. —Tamika Di Cesare


Big thanks to everyone that supported me tonight and thru this training camp. It was my 6th fight but in my eyes it was my first and my first with SMAC. I’ve not had a hard fight before but I knew Tamika was up for it and although i didn’t get the win it was damn close. I am now certain i enjoy everything about a violent exchange and know i can take a hit!
Lots to improve on, mostly in the smarts department ie: keeping my hands up 😉 – Beck Boyd

Tamika “Tenacious” Di Cesare Win
Beck Boyd Loss

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