Member Results March 09-10 2018

Member Results March 09-10 2018

Check out the weekends NRF member fight results from around Australia here…


AYDE “PRICKLES” WALKER stepped over the ropes on the weekend, unfortunately not coming away with the good this time around, but as always gracious in defeat.

 I lost in the second round to the three knock down rule my opponent landed some big punches and they did the job, I’m not disappointed with a loss, I do wish it went for longer but that’s just the way it goes. ~ Ayde Walker

KIRI BRADLEY also fought last Saturday on Elite Fight Series – Cairns. She made us proud with her skills and showed the true spirit of a Muay Thai, after a hard fought battle, this time she wasn’t able to bring home the win.

Reflecting on a hectic and and wonderful fight weekend… I did not win my fight , and I still feel like I have won so much . ~ Kiri Bradley

Kiri at weigh in

Kiri (R) in action


KIM TOWNSEND fought last Saturday on Elite Fight Series – Cairns and managed to win against fellow NRF member Kiri Bradley. Way to go Kim!

Interesting but fun fight trip to Cairns… what’s a Lil Kim fight without a lil drama? However I managed to get the win against the extremely tough and awesome chick Kiri Bradley. ~ Kim Townsend

Kim (L) and Kiri (R) atweigh in

The win goes to Kim Townsend

CHELSEA “HAMMER” HACKETT won her fight last Friday March 9th and was able to bring home the WBC AUSTRALIAN title. Well done Chelsea!

The NEW WBC AUSTRALIAN CHAMPION! That feeling! Last night I fought the WA champ and tough Victoria Callaghan in a 5 round war winning by unanimous decision and making it my favourite fight to date, I had so much fun in there ~ Chelsea Hackett

Chelsea (L) and her opponent (R)

Chelsea giving a right hook to her opponent


DANIEL MARSHALL also gave his best shot at Siam 2 Sydney last Saturday. He was not able come away with the NSW MUAYTHAI AUSTRALIA STATE TITLE against NRF Australia fighter Hugh O’Donnell but he is keen to make his next fight a success. You did well Daniel!

Did the mahi, went home without the treats on Saturday. Still a pleasure to get in and do the dance. ~ Daniel Marshall

Daniel in action

HUGH O’DONNELL stepped over the ropes and coming away as the NSW MUAYTHAI AUSTRALIA STATE Champion. Great job Hugh!!

An honour and a privilege to share the ring with my homie @daniel_sahn1 twice already this year.  ~ Hugh O’Donnell

Daniel (L) and Hugh (R)

HUW DAVIES had one of his best fight last Saturday at Siam 2 Sydney 13 and took home the win. It was a great fight. Good job, Huw!



CONOR O’FLAHERTY  Unfortunately, not getting win for him this time on Siam 2 Sydney.  Looking forward to seeing Conor back in there again soon!


Conor (L) and his opponent (R) during weigh in

LAURA CAVE never failed to surprise us with her outstanding fighting skills and brought home the win. Keep it up Laura!

Just the beginning.  ~ Laura Cave

Laura at weigh in

DIANDRA MARTIN was back over the ropes again and once again took home another win. Amazing job Diandra!

Diandra (L)

Diandra wins


Ayde “Prickles” Walker LOSS Muay Thai
Mark “All the Spark” Solomon WIN Muay Thai
Chelsea “Hammer” Hackett WIN Muay Thai
Kiri Bradley LOSS Muay Thai
Laura Cave WIN Muay Thai
Hugh “The Hurricane” O’Donnell WIN Muay Thai
Huw Davies WIN Muay Thai
Conor O’Flaherty LOSS Muay Thai
Daniel Marshall LOSS Muay Thai
Diandra Martin WIN Muay Thai


Photo credits to:
Sharon Richards Photographics
W.L Fight Photography