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In Hamilton, Queensland, the inaugural Total Kaos Fight Show was held. It was a fantastic event by all accounts and NRF were very excited to help with matching the card.

Well done to all the fighters and congrats to the new title holders who came to fight from around the country. Congrats to Michael and Sarah Reberger on putting on a awesome event for the fans and fighters.

Here is how our NRF members went on Total Kaos:

Brooke “Psycho” Cooper was the main event fight, fighting 5 strong rounds for the WMC Australian 57kg Pro Title. Unfortunately with a split points decision the win was not awarded to the “Psycho”. Fantastic fight Brooke!

No chicken dinner for me last night, sorry everyone, I lost by split points to a very strong and talented Alicia Pestana; a credit to her for taking the fight and coming over to dance I really appreciate it- oh and the nice shiner you gifted me with too?? – Brooke “Psycho” Cooper

Brooke “Psycho” Cooper (left)

NSW fighter, Luke Thompson fought a full Thai rules war in an exciting fight, coming away with the win.

Had fun up in the heavyweights this weekend ?? shoutout to our team and coaches for always giving us these opportunities to travel and challenge ourselves- Luke Thompson

Karina Cardenas Salazar also from NSW, fought full Thai rules taking out another W.

The Team had a blast on Total Kaos Fight Show last night in Brisbane, Karina and Luke both got dominate wins by points ?thanks to Nationally Registered Fighters (Australia) for organising it all for us! – Double Dragon Martial Arts Gym

Two of our NRF members Petra Donnelly and Rebekah Radley went head to head in a 3 round battle with Petra taking the unanimous points win

Not gonna lie. That felt pretty … good- Petra Donnelly

Petra Donelley def Rebekah Radley

… thanks to every [one] that came and everyone that supported me I’ve never had the support like I had going into this fight., a massive thank u to Benji Wright for all the time he has put in with me…- Rebekah Radley

Amy Dutton unfortunately lost by unanimous point decision on her five round full thai rule fight against her WA opponent.

Massive shout out and thanks to my trainers and team … Thank you …. Its been over 3.5 years since my last fight… am excited to get back in and start training again. My opponent last night was a strong girl… I didn’t get knocked out so thats a bonus.. watch this space. Dutto under construction…. massive shout out to all my derby peeps and mates that came to support that was awesome, felt the love xoxo- Amy Dutton

Amy Dutton (left)

Kyl “The Bomber” Juler backed it up again 2 weeks after his previous fight, to come away with an awesome win. Great work Kyl!

Kyl Juler wins

Watch his third round here (Blue Corner)


Rob Lambkin Had a very tough 5 round war in a rematch bout winning via decision the MASA Fighting for Autism strap! And it just so happened to be on his birthday too. Massive congrats Rob!

I fought a great rematch last night with my mate …. 1 hell of a 5 round war , … your one tuff kid  – Rob Lambkin

Danny “Lil Reaper” Roberts was pumped and ready to fight for the MASA Australian FTR title. Unfortunately, as he tells NRF that it was not in his favour as he was dropped in the second round by a knee. He has recovered fine with no pyhsical injury. We know he’s keen to get back in there.


Yolanda “The Springbok” Schmidt headed to Bangkok for fight on the Muay Thai Angels 2 show. Fighting against an experienced Thai opponent- “The Springbok” bought the goods and came away with the win.

On to the final 4 woman of WMA we go!
Tonight was a Very tough fight against a super smart, and experienced opponent, Namtarn. She put a stop to anything I tried to throw at her, but we just kept chipping away. To bring home the Win. – Yolanda “The Springbok” Schmidt

See “The Springbok’s” fight here (Blue Corner)

David “DekDek”Pennimpede has also training in Bangkok this past week and took on a fight over the weekend against a very experienced Thai native. Pretty impressive ending the fight in the first round with a KO!

Fought a pretty experienced Thai tonight who I was told has 200+ Fights. Ended up stopping him in the first round with some big elbows to pick up the win. Big thank you to my Khrop Khrua and Kiatphontip Family for getting me ready. No injuries and ready to go for the next one????<?? – David “DekDek” Pennimpede

Watch his fight here:

And two days later, David was asked if he wants to go to war again. Not stepping back, David KO’s his opponent in the second round. There’s no stopping “DekDek”- 2 from 2 in 2 days!! Fantastic work!

Got the job done this afternoon. Won by KO Liver shots in the 2nd round. Thai was really tough and had a chin on him that’s for sure, Happy Happy ??????- David “DekDek” Pennimpede


Brooke “Psycho” Cooper LOSS Muaythai
Luke Thompson WIN Muaythai
Karina Cardenas Salazar WIN Muaythai
Amy Dutton LOSS Muaythai
Kyl Juler WIN Muaythai
Petra Donnelly WIN Muaythai
Rebekah Radley LOSS Muaythai
Rob Lambkin- MASA Fighting for Autism title WIN Muaythai
Danny “Lil Reaper” Roberts LOSS Muaythai
Yolanda “The Springbok” Schmidt WIN Muaythai
David “DekDek” Pennimpede 2 x WIN Muaythai

Photo credits to:
Sharon Richards Photographics
The Muaythai Mouth
Hamilton Hotel
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