Member Results November 24- 26 2017

Member Results November 24- 26 2017


JOEL ANDERSON stepped over the ropes to take home the win. Great job Joel we are super excited for you!!

Winner winner. What an awesome night here at JNI promotions. Thank you Tom Becker from JNS for a awesome fight had a lot of fun.” -Joel Anderson


“TENACIOUS” TAMIKA DI CESARE unfortunately didn’t get the win although going the full distance, she also found out afterwards she broke her foot sometime in the second round.  We wish Tamika a speedy recovery.

Went the distance, unfortunately didn’t perform the best but had a blast. Fire in my belly for 2018 already.” -Tamika “Tenacious” Di Cesare

Tamika Di Cesare weigh ins (Left)

LIBBY WILSON took a last minute fight down in Melbourne. This Queensland fighter was excited for the opportunity to fight on the undercard of such a big show.  Not coming away with the win but coming away with an awesome experience! Great job Libby!

Unfortunately didn’t get the win this weekend but all a learning curve & a good experience. Thank you to Joanne La for the strong fight – you pack quite the punch. Very very strong, never backing down – such a good fighter.” -Libby Wilson


DENIS CHERRY fought fast and furious against his opponent in a Masters boxing bout.

Although I lost the fight to a very tough opponent, going of by what I have been told and the response from the audience I am please with my performance. Ounce again, thanks. I will have to have another fight SOON before I get to old .” -Denis Cherry

DANTE “THE DESTROYER” RODRIGUES stepped up and fight for an ISKA title and for someone of such a young age we commend him for taking on the challenge.  He didn’t get the win but what an amazing young fella!

Apparently I was winning the fight till I got caught with a lucky overhand and got knocked out. It was a pretty scary experience. I’m 15 years old and fought a 24 year old for the Iska title and it was a mental battle against myself considering I’m a long way from home… I was gonna retire from Muay Thai after this fight but since I didn’t get the belt there’s no way I’m going out like that.” -Dante “The Destroyer” Rodrigues

JOHNNY ISAACSON from NRF Member gym DOUBLE DOSE MUAY THAI got to showcase his skills in his first fight.  He came away with the win this time around and is keen to keep the winning streak.

There’s a lot I have to work on but this is just the beginning of my journey. Osu!” -Johnny Isaacson

See his fight here (yellow-green shorts):

KAI PORTER  stepped up to fight on the Siam Cup, hailing from Adelaide, Kai flew up to Brisbane to step up and take a tough fight.  He didn’t come away with the win but showed heart and skill.

Kai came out strong in the first round with awesome strong combos winning the round. He lost the 2nd round and the 3rd round was really close but he just fell short of the decision.” -Team Sky Thai Boxing & Fitness

RYAN CAWLEY made his way from South Australia to fight on Siam road to Eruption in Brisbane and came away with a well deserved win.

After all the hard work and discipline, Ryan Cawley dominated the fight and won with good technique.” –Team Sky Thai Boxing & Fitness


Joel Anderson WIN Muay Thai
Tamika “Tenacious” Di Cesare LOSS Muay Thai
Libby Wilson LOSS Muay Thai
Denis “Master Boxer” Cherry LOSS Boxing
Dante Rodrigues LOSS Muay Thai
Johnny Isaacson WIN Muay Thai
Kai Porter LOSS Kane Singleton
Ryan Cawley WIN Muay Thai

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