Member Results- October 13-15th 2017


Jada “Knees from Hell” Ketley stepped over the ropes to fight on the weekend.  Unfortunately not getting the win this time around.

Didnt get the win guys, but really gave my heart in this. Proud of myself for stepping up against a very tough, more experienced opponent and going all the way…” -Jada “Knees from Hell” Ketley

See her fight here (red shorts):

Michael Woolridge came up from NSW and put on a good fight, coming away with the win.

Congratulations to Micheal Wooldridge he won his fight tonight with a unanimous points decision. Well done.” – Martial Arts First Lismore

See his fight here (black shorts):

Brandon Vrhovac came away with the good on the Gold Coast on the weekend.  Great job Brandon!

Got the win last night. I couldn’t thank the guys down at Boonchu enough for the effort they have put into me. Thank you everyone that came down and supported me and thanks especially to @angelamparr and @johnwayneparr for sharing your knowledge and experience helping me be better.” -Brandon Vrhovac

See his fight here (black/yellow shorts):

Wayne Bowman also featured on the Gold Coast over the weekend coming away with an awesome win.

I just want to say a massive thank you to my team and trainers …, greatest camp I’ve ever had, thank you so much Wayne Angie Parr for letting me be part of the phenomenal Boonchu team. Everyone that was there last night cheering me on, my opponent … for bring[ing] a great fight.” -Wayne Bowman

See his fight here (black shorts):


Luke Thompson went up against an undefeated Kiwi for the MASA South Pacific Title in an 86kg SuperLight Heavyweight (FTR) 5 round battle. Fantastic efforts Luke!

On weight and ready to go against tough undefeated Kiwi for the South Pacific Title. Thankyou to everyone who continues to support me. I love each and everyone of you ❤️” -Luke Thompson

Luke show cased his full muaythai arsenal with his elbows being the main tool of choice, he took all 5 rounds to become the MASA South Pacific Champ against the young NZ prospect … who showed a lot of heart.” – Double Dragon Martial Arts

Karina Cardenas Salazar fought against a WA opponent in a FTR “State of Origin” 56kg battle

Sweet sweet redemption ? Not only a badass puncher but officially a badass clincher ?  #winner… I finally believed in myself…  ” -Karina Cardenas Salazar

Karina got to show her improving clinch game against a game Perth girl from Diesel Gym, she took home a clear decision.” – Double Dragon Martial Arts

Danny “Lil Reaper” Roberts fought 5 rounds with all his heart for the MASA Junior Featherweight 58kg East Coast title, unfortunately he did not come away with the belt. Well done to the “Lil Reaper”.

Well not the result we wanted last nyt lost after 5 hard Rd’s by split decision but still had fun in there” -Danny “Lil Reaper” Roberts

Danny Roberts weighs in for the East Coast Title (Right)


Quinton “Da Hitman” Smith represented Australia and competed in Dublin, Ireland in the WMO World Championships. He came away with three medals- Bronze & Silver for light continuous and Gold for Kickboxing! “Da Hitman” has done Australia proud- well done!

Here it is guys the new WMO WORLD CHAMPION K1 kickboxing it’s feel so real now after months off training and hard yards but I have done it yer Boi so stoked at the moment I fought a very tough kid from Ireland made me work for my win ” -Quinton “Da Hitman” Smith

Matthew “Lion King” Lyons went to NZ on the weekend to compete in a junior Siam show and walked out of the ring as the new Trans Tasman Champion! Fantastic efforts to the “Lion King”!

Well done young man. Super proud of you guys. Representing both Double dose and Australia. What an achievement that not everyone gets the chance to do. “- Trainer Benji Wright


Jada “Knees from Hell” Ketley LOSS Muay Thai
Michael Woolridge WIN Muay Thai
Wayne Bowman WIN Muay Thai
Brandon Vrhovac WIN Muay Thai
Luke Thompson- MASA South Pacific Title WIN Muay Thai
Karina Cardenas Salazar WIN Muay Thai
Danny “Lil Reaper” Roberts LOSS Muay Thai
Quinton “Da Hitman” Smith- Gold: Kickboxing. Silver & Bronze: Cont. KickLight WIN K1 & Kickboxing
Matthew “Lion King” Lyons- Trans Tasman Title WIN Muay Thai

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Sharon Richards Photographics
Muay Thai Mouth
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