Member Results Oct 28-29 2017

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Queenslanders fighters were busy! There were three shows that featured our members across the state. This is how they went…

Ben “The Blade” Johnston fought over the weekend defending his WBC International 79.33kg title vs NZ. This beast, once again putting an end to the fight early in true “Blade” style by way of Round 1 KO!

… Trained the house down for the last 8 weeks and came up with the goods!…”
“…I actually had a moment on Saturday night before I went out to fight where I stopped and thought “I can’t believe I’m actually doing this…” It was just so out of the question when I started training in 2008. All I wanted was a state title! Now I’ve only got 1 more win before I have a world title belt that looks just like Mike Tyson’s ? -Ben “The Blade” Johnston

Ben “The Blade” Johnston wins
Ben’s progression of titles- State, National & International wins

Julia “Killa” Whale  won her second ever Muay Thai fight, coming away with the win. Congratulations “Killa”!

I cannot believe that last night was the night of my 2nd Muay Thai fight and 1st non padded fight…I would firstly like to thank my opponent for putting on a strong , hard and fast 3 rounds. You are definitely a tough girl that can take a hit and through them back just as hard.- Julia “Killa” Whale

Jada “Knees from Hell” Ketley and Petra Donnelly were up against each other in the Semi Final of the 4 Woman Eliminator. Petra taking the fight on less than 2 weeks notice. In the semi final both girls put on an exciting fight, Petra having a great time in there, this being her first fight back in well over 3 years. After a solid fight, Jada “The Knees from Hell” took the win and she went through to the final. The final was a rematch with an opponent who had previously beaten Jada last year, this time Jada showed pure aggression every round, after 2 fights in one night – Jada is now the proud owner of the Destiny Championship Title Belt. Very happy for you Jada!!

So I did it guys! Stepped into my first 4 women eliminator and took home both wins and a new, pretty belt.  – Jada “Knees from Hell” Ketley

After a 2yr holiday from fighting and 1 weeks notice Petra stepped into the ring and fought on Destiny Muay Thai last night. To think you have been absent in the fight world you fought like a machine and as always entertained the crowd. Could not be prouder ???? – Kaos Muay Thai Gym 

Jada “Knees from Hell” Ketley 4 Woman Eliminator winner

Danyellah “The Hurricane” Hill’s opponent withdrew on the night for her boxing fight in Caloundra due to illness. This was a big let down for “The Hurricane”, as she was keen on defending her IFKF Amateur C Class 75 KG women’s strap, which she won in Melbourne last year.

Three of our fighters from Full Boar Gym fought in North Queensland.

Oliver “The Butcher” Hanson featured as the main event.The fight going the full five rounds, Oliver fought with his whole heart and soul, but unfortunately the decision wasn’t in his favour.

Oliver “The Butcher” Hanson

Ferlene David fought three rounds in her ninth career fight, however she didn’t come away with the win this time.

Ferlene David (left)

Jacob Witheridge fought hard, but he unfortunately didn’t come away with a win.

Only fight for the year, didn’t get the win but got to fight on the best show in Queensland so that’s good enough for me. – Jacob Witheridge

Jacob Witheridge


Muay Thai and Kickboxer Karina Cardenas Salazar won a unanimous decision over the weekend in 3 rounds in her first boxing match. Awesome work Karina!

Another fight, another win ??? First boxing fight ? – Karina Cardenas Salazar 

Karina got the W in a impressive points decision. – Double Dragon Martial Arts Gym

Karina Cardenas Salazar

Luke Thompson was pumped and ready to fight what was to be his third boxing fight, but unfortunately his opponent pulled out on the day of the fight.

New Zealand

In a proud NRF match up, Steph “AK” Glew took home the win over weekend in Hamilton becoming the new ISKA South Pacific Title holder. Well done Steph!

Still smiling from last nights win. ? -Steph “AK” Glew

Steph “AK” Glew ISKA South Pacific Title Winner


Ben “The Blade” Johnston-  WBC International Title WIN Muay Thai
Julia “Killa” Whale WIN Muay Thai
Jada “Knees from Hell” Ketley-  Destiny Championship Belt, 4 Woman Eliminator WIN Muay Thai
Petra Donnelly LOSS Muay Thai
Oliver “The Butcher” Hanson LOSS Muay Thai
Ferlene David LOSS Muay Thai
Jacob Witheridge LOSS Muay Thai
New South Wales
Karina Cardenas Salazar WIN Boxing
New Zealand
Steph “AK” Glew- ISKA South Pacific Title WIN Muay Thai

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