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6 Things Every MMA Fighter Should Do Before A Fight

The fight scene in MMA in Brisbane is really exciting right now, and we’re seeing more fighters than ever signing up with Nationally Registered Fighters Australia to connect with industry professionals and fight competitively. We love seeing the number of people actively participating in competitive MMA, and we want to help people find MMA fights in Brisbane. The team at Nationally Registered Fighters Australia has a few top tips to help you prepare physically and mentally right before you step into the ring. 

Stay Hydrated

Hydration is vital for your physical and mental performance, so you need to make sure you take in enough water in the minutes before your fight. Fighting while dehydrated can lead to loss of fluid surrounding the brain and put you at a higher risk of brain injury. The combative nature of MMA and the tendency to cut before a weigh-in puts our fighters at greater risk of dehydration-related hazards. 

We recommend that just before a fight you drink a 6% carbohydrate solution with electrolytes, isotonic with a pinch of salt, skimmed-milkshakes, or coconut water to keep you hydrated and energised. When rehydrating throughout the fight, take small sips so you retain fluid.

Do Some Breathing Exercises/Meditation

MMA requires as much mental strength as physical strength, and this is where deep breathing and meditation will help. Rather than the usual pre-fight mental talk, try doing meditation and breathing exercises right before you step into the cage or ring . The health benefits include; 

  • Reduced stress
  • Enhanced stamina
  • More control over shortness of breath
  • Increase in speed recovery
  • Enhanced endurance
  • Improved digestion and blood pressure

If you’re unsure of how to meditate or new to the practice, there are a vast range of resources available for you to use. There are apps, podcasts, YouTube channels, and Spotify playlists dedicated to helping people find inner peace. 

Listen To Some Music To Get You In The Zone

After you’ve done some deep breathing and meditation, it’s time to pump yourself up and get your head in the zone. Studies have shown that music with aggressive lyrics and fast beats are the most effective in getting fighters pumped up, but it comes down to personal preference. Here are a few of the best pump-up songs (that aren’t ‘Eye Of The Tiger’) to listen to in the moments before you step in the ring; 

  • ‘Till I Collapse’ – Eminem
  • ‘We Will Rock You’ – Queen
  • ‘The Realist Killaz’ – 2Pac
  • ‘Hypnotize’ – The Notorious B.I.G
  • ‘Started From The Bottom’ – Drake
  • ‘Monster’ – Kanye West

Check-In With Your Trainer

If you have any concerns, doubts, fears, or just need to talk to someone before your fight, check in with your trainer. MMA gyms in Brisbane have fantastic coaches and trainers that commit themselves to their fighters’ success and can help you work through mental hurdles right before you step into the ring. 

Check Out The Competition Without Judging

It’s hard to step into a fight without sizing up your opponent and judging them a little, but try your hardest to avoid setting expectations.

  • Don’t assume anything about your opponent. Whether your competitor is bigger or smaller than you, looks stronger or looks weaker, is calm or nervous; try not to assume anything. Focus on yourself and what you can do once you’re in the ring. 
  • Don’t lose confidence. Just because your opponent is strutting around and looks unshakable, doesn’t mean they’re better than you. You’ve trained hard for this moment, so don’t lose confidence at the last second. 
  • Don’t think about the outcome of the fight. At the end of the day, one of you will win, and the other will lose, and you can only do what you can in the ring. Don’t agonise over whether or not you’ll win just before the fight. Instead, try to clear your mind and remember everything you’ve learned. 

Enjoy The Moment

This is the moment you have been training for. The blood, sweat and tears, the endless training sessions that both physically and mentally exhausted you, the strict dieting and skipping drinks with your friends; it all led to this moment. This is your time to shine, so enjoy every moment of it.

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