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5 Groups Of People That Could Benefit From Nationally Registered Fighters Australia

Nationally Registered Fighters Australia strives to connect people involved in combat sports and martial arts to the tools and resources they need to book fights and grow their careers. We’re one of Australia’s leading resources for combat sports, and when you consider the benefits we offer to our members, it’s not hard to see why. No matter what role you play in Muay Thai in Melbourne, you could benefit from a Nationally Registered Fighters Australia membership. 


If you’re a professional trainer in Muay Thai in Melbourne, you’re no doubt always on the look-out for things that can help your fighters grow and improve. Muay Thai gyms in Melbourne are more than welcome to sign up with Nationally Registered Fighters to access a range of tools that will support their fighters

  • Find your fighters sparring partners. When you get a membership with Nationally Registered Fighters Australia, you’ll have access to a massive database of fighter information. You’ll be able to find fighters at other Muay Thai gyms in Melbourne to source sparring partners. 
  • Book fights for your fighters. If you’re looking for more opportunities within your area and interstate to get your fighters onto a fight card, Nationally Registered Fighters can help. We’ll help match your fighters with a match that suits their weight class and ability. 
  • Promote your gym. When you register your gym with Nationally Registered Fighters Australia, you’ll gain exposure to new students, fighters, gyms, sponsors, and promoters from all over the country. 
  • Promote your fighters. If you’d like help getting your fighter’s information out to a broader audience, Nationally Registered Fighters can help. We have different membership programs to cater to how many fighters you’d like us to promote, so make sure to purchase the package that reflects your gym’s needs. 


Nationally Registered Fighters Australia offers a vast range of benefits to fighters of all experience levels.

  • Access a wide range of online tools and resources. Nationally Registered Fighters Australia is proud to offer various tools that will help you build your confidence and take your fight career to the next level.
  • We’ll promote you on our platforms. Nationally Registered Fighters has a large audience of fighters, gyms, promoters and sponsors, so we’ll use our influence to get your name out there. 
  • You’ll have exposure to promoters. Promoters can log on to Nationally Registered Fighters and can access our fighters and trainers’ database to find your fight profile to match you on their fight cards or re-match last-minute withdrawals. 


If you’re a promoter looking for fighters and Muay Thai gyms in Melbourne, you’ve come to the right place. 

  • Access a vast database of people. We currently have 10,000+ fighters, trainers, and gyms actively using the Nationally Registered Fighters Australia network. You’ll have access to fighters from all backgrounds, weight classes, and experience levels to fill up your fight card. 
  • Book last-minute fighters. If you have a late withdrawal and need to fill your fight card, there are countless fighters ready and raring to fight. All you’ll need to do is log in and contact their trainer directly using the information you’ve gained from our fighter database. 
  • Fighter call-outs. You get access to our fighter call-out system where you can advertise on Nationally Registered Fighters, to gain the interest of available fighters ready and willing to fight. 


Nationally Registered Fighters Australia welcome businesses to sign up and enjoy the benefits of being part of the combat sports and martial arts community. 

  • A place to advertise. If your business sells products or services related, or beneficial to a combat sports audience, you’ll have the opportunity to promote to an ever-growing database of 10,000+ people. 
  • Gain exposure. Every month, we feature registered businesses on our Facebook page, our social media platforms, and our email marketing campaigns, giving them exposure to a considerable number of people. 
  • Find sponsorship opportunities. If you see an up and coming fighter you’d like to sponsor, you’ll be able to reach out to us and partner up with them. Utilise our massive database of fighters and Muay Thai gyms in Melbourne to find the right fit for your business. 


Anyone and everyone is welcome to join the Nationally Registered Fighters Australia community. There are several benefits for fans of Muay Thai in Melbourne such as; 

  • Following your favourite fighters throughout their career  
  • Access to fight news and information
  • Knowledge of competitions, sparring, tournaments, and matches
  • Exclusive invites to events and fight shows Australia-wide

To Connect With Others In The Muay Thai Melbourne Community, Sign Up With Nationally Registered Fighters Australia

Nationally Registered Fighters Australia is one of Australia’s leading resources for fighters, gyms, trainers, promoters, businesses, and sponsors working within combat sports. Whether your sport of choice is boxing, Muay Thai, MMA, or Kickboxing; Nationally Registered Fighters will help you find opportunities to get in the ring and progress your career. Our founder and CEO, Melina Yung, is an accomplished former Muay Thai champion and understands first-hand the difficulties fighters face with self-promotion, booking fights, and accessing support. She has brought her experience and expertise to Nationally Registered Fighters to create a platform that fighters all over the country can use to reach their full potential. If you’d like to find Muay Thai fights in Melbourne, consider joining Nationally Registered Fighters today. We can’t wait to see where your career will take you.

We are also here to assist all associations in record management, we are not bound to any one sanctioning body,  everyone is welcome

  • Trainers and gyms find your fighters sparring partners and fight matches.
  • Promoters can easily contact trainers to fill your fight cards or re-match last minute withdrawals.
  • Fighters ensure you are easily accessible by promoters and potential sponsors. We aim to get your names known within the fighting community and to encourage more interstate matches.
  • Businesses For a unique and exciting way to advertise your business and support our sport, why not join our NRF Partner Program today!
  • For more information or to register please browse the rest of our website or contact us at

We look forward to assisting all fighters, gyms, promoters and businesses across Australia to help get our sport the recognition it deserves throughout the nation.

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