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From Hobby To Competitive Fighting: 4 Reasons You Should Consider Fighting Competitively

You may have started doing Muay Thai in Sydney as a hobby or a way to get fit, but there comes a time in everyone’s training when they consider taking it to the next level and fighting competitively. If you have a genuine passion for the sport and access to excellent Muay Thai gyms in Sydney, it may be time to consider turning your hobby into a competitive fighting career. Nationally Registered Fighters Australia is an online community that helps fighters, gyms, trainers, promoters, businesses, and sponsors connect and access resources that keep them ahead of the game. Here are a few reasons why you should consider joining Nationally Registered Fighters and kick-start your fighting career.

Challenge Yourself

While regular training is a challenge itself, the training process preparing for a competitive fight is an incredible opportunity to push your limits. 

  • Test your endurance and discipline. To prepare for a competitive fight, you’ll need to train more frequently, eat a more restricted diet, and refrain from partying with friends. You’ll want to be as fit as strong as possible as well as having honed your technical skills before the fight, and to do that takes a high level of personal discipline.
  • Meet each opponent with an open mind. It can be difficult not to judge your opponent on first impressions but challenge yourself to enter the ring with no expectations and do your best. Never underestimate your opponent or yourself! Train Hard and Fight Strong!

Have Fun

With all the training, discipline, and personal challenges, you’d think that there’d be no room for fun in competitive sport. However, combat sports and martial arts communities in Australia do have an emphasis on enjoying yourself. 

  • Make friends. While you might be opponents in the ring, competitive fighting can introduce you to a whole new community of potential friends. You’ll meet fighters and trainers from all walks of life that will support you and help you learn along throughout your journey. 
  • Enjoy the process. Training for a fight and competing is an experience you’ll remember fondly for the rest of your life, so enjoy it. Have fun learning new skills, picking your fight name, choosing your walk out music, and building your profile. 
  • Share the experience with friends and family. There’s nothing quite like the feeling you get when you know your loved ones are proud of you. Share your journey and experience with them and enjoy their support. 

Smash Goals And Reach Your Full Potential

Training to fight competitively is unlike any other experience, and you’re going to realise very quickly just how capable you are of achieving your goals and succeeding. 

  • Meet personal goals. Every week you’ll set yourself new records and new ambitions, and you’ll get to see yourself smash them out of the park. The hunger to do better is something you’ll be able to carry into every aspect of your life, and it’ll see you kicking goals left, right, and centre. 
  • Watch yourself gradually improve. Improvement is addictive, and as you slowly become stronger and better, you’ll be more motivated to challenge yourself harder. Every training session and every fight will bring you closer to reaching your full potential. 
  • Experience success. Once you’re in the ring facing down your opponent, you’ll know that you’ve succeeded. Regardless of whether you win the fight or not, you’ll have made it through the training, the healthy eating, , the strength & conditioning, and the personal hurdles to get to that moment and it will feel incredible. 

Learn And Grow

At Nationally Registered Fighters, we don’t believe that anyone stops growing and learning, and we encourage people to keep striving toward the next goal. 

  • Learn from each fight. Each match, you’ll face a new challenge and a new lesson. Whether you win or lose, you’ll learn something new about yourself and about the way you fight, and you’ll carry that lesson with you throughout the rest of your life. 
  • Develop your techniques. With every training session, you’ll slowly develop better techniques and strategies and become an overall better fighter.
  • Learn introspection. One of the best things competitive fighting can teach you is the art of reflective thinking and introspection. As long as you can look back on your experience and find areas of improvement, you’ll never stop learning and growing as a fighter.
  • Become a patient, yet persistent person. The drive and motivation you learn in the ring will help you in every aspect of your life. Whether it be work, relationships, or hobbies, you’ll be able to use the patience and determination you learned doing Muay Thai in Sydney and apply it to challenging situations. 

If You’re Doing Muay Thai Competitively In Sydney, Sign Up For Nationally Registered Fighters Australia

Nationally Registered Fighters Australia is one of Australia’s leading resources for fighters, gyms, trainers, promoters, businesses, and sponsors working within combat sports. Whether your sport of choice is boxing, Muay Thai, MMA, or Kickboxing; Nationally Registered Fighters will help you find opportunities to get in the ring and progress your fight career. Our founder and CEO, Melina Yung, is an accomplished former Muay Thai champion and understands first-hand the difficulties fighters face with self-promotion, booking fights, and accessing support. She has brought her experience and expertise to Nationally Registered Fighters to create a platform that fighters all over the country can use to reach their full potential. If you’re thinking about signing up for Muay Thai fights in Sydney, consider joining Nationally Registered Fighters today. We can’t wait to see where your career will take you.

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