NRF Members Fighting this weekend

This weekend we have the following Members fighting…


  • Zac Lecarre-Covill fights after his recent Gold Medal win last month at the IFMA Royal World Cup in Thailand.
  • Lachy Ogden: After a last minute pull out Lachy will now take on fellow NRF member Zak Tilley.
  • Brooke Cooper vs Kiri Bradley will be a fight to watch, Brooke having come back from the IFMA Royal World Cup with a Silver Medal and also recently winning a K1 Australian Title, this will be a great fight to watch between these two tough fighters!


  • Victorian fighter Beck Beirne will fly up to Alice Springs to fight after an awesome winning streak so far.  Beck is a very strong and technical fighter and we can’t wait to see her cutting up the canvas in true Beirne style!
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