October 16 Fight Results


Results from the weekends fights in Yeppoon. 

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A great fight by LACHLAN AINSWORTH. Unfortunately, no win for this young warrior, but Lachy showed courage and  great sportsmanship. 

“Our youngest up first Lachy bravely stepped up against a much older and heavier opponent, overcame his emotions and with courage showed some of his skills having some good moments. Didn’t do enough for the win this time, congrats to our opponents coming well prepared.” ~ Methodical Muay Thai

Congratulations to KAYDE LEA for a solid win! We are so proud of you for constantly showing your determination and talent. Good work Kayde!

“Young Kayde again against a much heavier opponent – he came hard showing he meant business. His pressure and determination was too much for his opponent and he came away with a solid win.” ~ Methodical Muay Thai

Another victory for Methodical Muay Thai. NICK SMITH won as the new Road to Glory Champion. It was his 3rd Muay Thai fight, with 3 winning streaks. He methodically worked his way to secure his win. Awesome work Nick for continuously showing great improvements.

“Nick was able to stay calm and relaxed and showed huge improvements in the ring against a solid technical opponent. Decisive win for the local belt.” ~ Methodical Muay Thai

BEN HAWKES had a K1 fight. Unfortunately, his fight didn’t go as planned, but we are so proud of the courage and hard work you have shown in the fight. You will definitely come back stronger. On to the next one!

“I got stopped in the 3rd round by my opponent Joe Richards, well done mate. Sorry to everyone that came to watch me, I did my best and felt the pressure of running my own show and defending my title and not coming through with the goods. I’m sorry I couldn’t get the decision for us but life goes on” ~ Ben Hawkes

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