October 30 Fight Results


Results from the weekends fights in Queensland. 

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AZIA TSMT stepped up for his 3rd Muay Thai fight. He came away with a unanimous decision draw. Azia fought strong and smart! Well done little champ!

“This boy never gets an easy fight & is massively improving because of it. Azia lost the first round only to come back strong & smart the second. The third round we thought he could of had it, but was super close.” ~ Team Stalder Muay Thai


MAX “MAYHEM” VIDIC showed courage by jumping over the ropes for his first Muay Thai Fight. Max put on a strong performance and came away with the win.

“Max pushed forward with strong punches and leg kicks to outscore his opponent in his debut vs a kid with 3 fights.” ~ Strong Heart Muay Thai

CONNOR AINSWORTH stepped into the ring for his 3rd Muay Thai fight and came away with a UPD WIN! Connor demonstrated great defense and aggression. Congratulations, Connor!

ARCHIE “ROCKNROLLA” EDWARDS put on a great Muay Thai fight for his 8th fight. Archie fought wise and strong and came away with the win.

“Archie defeated the Queensland Champion in a rematch for the 2nd time… this time more convincing. He picked his shots, landed strong punches and kicks and landing multiple sweeps. He countered well and didn’t waste energy exactly what we worked in in the gym.” ~ Strong Heart Muay Thai

DELANO NAGY fought against fellow NRF member JAYDEN TSMT for the Siam Cup Junior Muay Thai QLD Title. After 5 solid and exciting rounds, Delano came away as the title holder. Well done boys!

AMY GLENNON stepped over the ropes against fellow NRF Member JESS “THE MESS” TURNER. After 3 rounds of Muay Thai, Amy took home the win. We are so proud of the dedication and hard work of these ladies. Good fight Jess and Amy!

No win this time around for BRADLEY “SHORT FUSE” EARNSHAW. He demonstrated solid punches and a great spinning elbow. Good work Brad we’ll see you back in there again soon!

“After a day to reflect on the weekend(and let the post fight hangover go away) while I’m a bit frustrated I’m PUMPED for next year. Hit a bump in the road on the weekend but there’s a long way to go yet and im Grateful for the team I have helping me. “~ Bradley Earnshaw

A successful weekend for MELINDA LEE “POCKET ROCKET” DOORLEY. Melinda put on an impressive performance, with the crowd well entertained with some cool combos and techniques.  What a great fight this was!  Your commitment and persistence paid off. Congratulations on your win, Melinda! 

“Coming off 2 losses in Muay Thai I really began to doubt my ability in the sports. I’m so thankful to place my trust in my coach @skadiperformance who inspires me beyond belief. We’ve trained the fucking house down over the past 8 weeks and I couldn’t be more proud of myself for the work I put in. Early mornings, late night training sessions, some weeks not having rest days. “~ Melinda Lee Doorley

SEAN MCNAMARA had his 11th Muay Thai fight. Unfortunately, no win for Sean but he had fun in there as always and true to his nature such a good sport before during and after his fights! Good on you Sean! 

“Massive congrats to sean for putting on an epic show at infliction fight series. Some big elbows flying and just an awesome experience!” ~ Rippers Gym

HANNAH DALBY backed it up again after her Oct fight. This was a 3x2min fight under Full Thai Rules. Hannah went the distance but didn’t come away with the win this time around.  Look forward to seeing you back in there again Hannah! 

DAVID BORG had his 13th Muay Thai fight. An exciting fight put David always bring good technique and aggression. You’re a true warrior David with a big Muay Thai career ahead of you!

“Good scrap and congrats [to my opponent] . Hopefully we cross paths again in the future. Styles make match ups and this fight has taught me many lessons” ~ David Borg

HANNAH “THE PLEB” MORGAN stepped up on short notice to take a fight against a more experienced opponent and up a weight division vs fellow NRF fighter SHANNON “THE CANNON” TILBROOK. Both girls showed a great deal of composure settled in for a 5×2 min Full Thai Rules battle. Shannon released a back elbow in the clinch, connecting with Hannahs eye socket ending the fight in the second round by KO.    The girls showed great sportmanship and professionalism after the fight, Hannah is in good spirits and already focused on her next fight early 2022! 

Congrats to Shannon and well done to Hannah on showing your true fighter mindset!  

LEONIE MACKS fought a non-stop action-packed fight against fellow NRF member JORDAN “COMBAT BARBIE” BELL.   This was an exciting fight with Jordan stepping up to the very experienced Leonie and showing her skill and toughness.  After 5×3, Full Thai Rules, Leonie came away with a unanimous win, showing her home crowd why she’s one of the top females in her division.  

What was a great fight to watch! We are very proud of you girls!


LUKE “THE DUKE” FRASER fought against fellow NRF Member JACKSON ROBERTSON. Both boys put up a great Muay Thai fight, with Luke coming away with the show Championship Belt Win. Great fight boys!

JOE GREENWOOD stepped into the ring for his 4th Muay Thai fight. Unfortunately no win for Joe, but it was a very close fight, he came away with a split points loss.

“We are super proud of Joe and his efforts this year – never shying away from a challenge! He’ll finish up Year 12 next month and head to schoolies for some fun! 🎉 “~ Art of Eight, Muay Thai & Fitness

It’s a DRAW for SEAN WORLAND. No Win but Sean learned lessons that will improve his fighting skills. We are sure that you will come back stronger. On to the next one!

Photo credit: Adams A1 Photography

CASSIE BARNES had a Muay Thai fight against fellow NRF Member MIRANDA STARR. Both ladies put on a strong solid performance. Cassie won and is still undefeated now at 9 fights.

JASMINE PARR has returned back to the ring after a long break. Jasmine put on a great show and demonstrated her skills and experience.  Jazzy came away with a solid win and landing a solid elbow, cutting her opponent during the fight! Great to see you back in there Jazzy and hope to see you back again very soon!

I’m so happy!! It’s been so long since I’ve had a fight and I had a lot to prove to myself so this win means the world to me. Thank you so much to everyone who came and supported me and my sponsors for believing in me🥰🙌🏽 – Jasmine Parr

A fantastic effort and dedication to JESSIE GEYL! Jessie looked fit and sharp on the weekend landing some solid kicks and dominating the fight with her aggression. She came away with the win and the show championship belt.  Awesome work Jess you’re fighting your way through your division hard and fast! 

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