October 9 Fight Results


Results from the weekends fights on the Gold Coast. 

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Another great fight by AIDAN TSMT! He didn’t get the win this time, but he displayed a nice clean fight and is excited to get back to training for his next fight. 

No win for Aidan tonight. Definitely happy with his 3rd fight in only a few months, testing himself with a clean southpaw & already talking about what he wants to improve during training. Perfect attitude. Congratulations! ~ Team Stalder Muay Thai.

A First-round TKO for DRÉ TSMT! A spinning elbow gave Dré the victory for this fight. Congrats, , you’re a weapon!

FINN COLEMAN scores a unanimous decision victory after 3 rounds. Well done, Finn!

Great close fight and came away with the unanimous decision win for @theironfistgym. Still undefeated baby. Luca was a tough, skilled opponent and did his gym @levelsfightandfitness proud, nothing but respect. ~ Finn Coleman

MICHAEL BRICE didn’t get the win but he fought a non-stop action-packed Muay Thai fight. Awesome fight, Bricey!

A photo of Michael Brice after his awesome war!

A good fight by ROCCO WHITE unfortunately no win this time. We are so proud of your improvement and performance. On to the next one, Rocco!

Hey guys no win today that was my best fight hard fight I am very happy. That was for you grandma ❤️ ~ Rocco White

Another successful fight for JOSH BRAY⁠! The fight from the weekend was his second Muay Thai fight, and he absolutely smashed it and had fun while doing his thing.

ABDUL GHANI⁠ bounced back stronger than ever! Putting on a great performance and brought home a solid win!

NOUR GHANI⁠ had a hard-fought battle in her debut fight. She delivered an excellent performance, and came away with the W! Great work, Nour!

An incredible close loss by AZIA TSMT⁠. The fight was his second Muay Thai fight and we are so proud of your huge improvements Azia. On to the next one!

AZIA TSMT- No win but super close!!! Beautiful to see such clean Muay Thai from such young boys. Azia showing us a ridiculous amount of improvement, he listened so well & we are super proud of him. Congratulations Azia! ~ Team Stalder Muay Thai

A great performance by CURTIS TSMT⁠ for his third Muay Thai fight. He demonstrated great technique and took out the win! Good work Curtis!

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