Results from the weekends fights. (Check out our fighter’s full profiles by clicking their name below)


“The Prince” DAVID BORG (QLD) had a challenging Saturday night in Thailand. He fought a very close fight against an experienced Thai opponent, unfortunately he didn’t get the win, but we are so proud of you for pursuing every Muay Thai  fighter’s dream in the motherland!

“Had my first fight tonight in Thailand. Close fight against the strongest kicker I’ve ever fought…can only walk away with my head high and lots of lessons with this fight..Hope I did everyone proud back home” ~ David Borg


What a successful weekend!! ZOE PUTORAK (ACT) won and is now the new WBC Welterweight Australian Champion. Her hard work and efforts paid off – showing  and she always brings herself to the next level. You are such an inspiration, Zoe!


“Always the biggest pleasure fighting [my opponent], one of the toughest lady’s I’ve fought and I’ve been so excited to fight you again, it’s been a long time coming. That gives us one win each and I dont like uneven numbers so let’s get that trilogy going. That’ll be a banger!!!” ~ Zoe Putorak

RILEY KINGHAM (NT) had a Muay Thai fight on the weekend. Unfortunately he didn’t come away with a win but he gained more experience to take into the next one. Well done Riley on your hard work and dedication!

“Team Manho no wins this weekend but a huge congrats to Riley for stepping into the ring and looking to be the best he can be.” ~ Team Man Ho Academy of Martial Arts


Here comes the winner! Congratulations to CHRISTIAN DAWAL (QLD) for winning another Muay Thai fight on the weekend. He put on a strong and solid performance. Great work Christian!

“Last night Christian jumped the ropes going 2-0 getting a great win over another good young fighter. Christian did all the right things controlling the fight and working effectively in the clinch to take a nice win. “ ~ Limitless Combat Sports


Great fight boys! KAYDE LEA (QLD) had a rematch against fellow NRF member ALEXANDER DUGGAN (QLD). A remarkable performance by both boys. They were both on fire and aggressive the whole fight. It was a great Muay Thai fight, but Kayde was able to control the fight and won by unanimous points decision. Great fight boys!

Kayde Lea

“Very proud of our youngster for not only putting on a dominant performance but continuously checking in with his opponent during the rds, with glove touches and stopping several times when he noticed his opponent spat his mouth guard out.” ~ Methodical Muay Thai

Alexander Duggan

“No win for our boy last night, but he showed a lot of heart and we are so proud of him. Plenty of lessons learnt and things to work on back in the gym.” ~ Revolution MMA