Results from the weekends fights.
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A dream come true to fight in Thailand for HARRY RITTER (NSW) Awesome work Harry for putting on a great performance and winning by TKO in round 5. We couldn’t be more excited for him. Watch out for his next fight at Infliction Fight Series in July! 

“Safe to say first trip to Thailand was an absolute success. Can’t express how grateful I am to have the opportunity to not only train from some of the best over here but also score myself a fight and taking the win via TKO….. I will be back and can’t wait 👊” ~ HARRY RITTER


Here comes the champion! Congratulations to ALLEGRA VICKAS (NT) for winning the Destiny Super Lightweight Title. She takes home the win by a split decision. We are very exctied to have been able to match this fight for Allegra! What an awesome outcome!

What a solid comeback of NASTEHO MUKHTAR (QLD)!! She showed her heart and determination in her unanimous decision win on Saturday night. Awesome work Nas! 

“What a way to end a hectic semester with two jobs whilst studying full time, training and trying to have a good family and social relations. Got my first stripe as a blue belt 💙 and won my fight ⚔️ ~ NASTEHO MUKHTAR

A tough night at the office for JACK BENSON (QLD) for hs debut Muay Thai Fight.  Although this was a loss for him, he will keep training and bounce back stronger, hungrier, and more determined than ever.


What a champ! Another solid performance from THE PRINCE, DAVID BORG (QLD) Winner by TKO in round 2. What an awesome Muay Thai fight and a well-deserved belt! :fire::fire:

“Thank you for sharing the ring with me. It was a pleasure competing against someone and a team that holds the same passion as me 🙏🏽 ~ “THE PRINCE” DAVID BORG

Saturday night was a tough fight for BEN HAWKES (QLD). He stepped in on a 1 week notice for a Muay Thai fight, unfortunately he didn’t win. He fought like an absolute warrior.

“So no win tonight for me unfortunately I took a fight on week and a half notice and gave away 6kg over a 5 round fight against a very tuff guy was just to strong for me tonight but had fun anyway. Thanks to @mattster1986 for pushing me through Much thanks [to the promoter] for having us and looking after us” ~ BEN HAWKES

ROBBIE SOMERFIELD (QLD) and KAI “THE KAISER” VOGEL (QLD) had a chance to test their Muay Thai skills against each other.  After some solid rounds Robbie’s hand was raised as victor. Well done Robbie and Kai!

CONNOR AINSWORTH (QLD) is fierce and unstoppable! He continues to amaze us with his incredible undefeated Muay Thai record of 6F 6W. This absolute beast of a warror has beat some tough and more experienced opponents. He is one to watch as he makes his way fast thorugh his division!

A fantastic performance by DYLAN SOMERFIELD (QLD) He fought hard and strong but didn’t get the win this time in a very close Muay Thai fight which ended in a split points loss. 

A challenging Saturday night for DAKOTA TAMBO (QLD) She fought hard but unfortunately lost on her Muay Thai bout. It was not the result she was hoping for, but we are proud of her efforts and can’t wait to see her back over the ropes again!

An awesome performance by MAELY SOARES-SILVA (QLD) on the weekend. Maely’s Muay Thai skills was put on a test and it ended up in a draw decision. 

Congratulations to KAYDE LEA (QLD) who displayed great technique and aggression on his Muay Thai fight! He made a really big impression by securing the win. Great job Kayde!


WINNER!! Congrats to DEREN CHEN (NSW) for his awesome 5 rounds of action of Full Thai Rules in NSW. A tough fight but he controlled the game and came home with a victory!! Great job Deren!!!

Photo Credit: W.L Fight Photography

“Took the W last night against a strong opponent. Thanks for the fight brother, was a fun one 🙏” ~ DEREN CHEN

DALA “BILLS” THONGSAMOUTH (NSW) lost in a tough Muay Thai battle on the weekend. Her heart and determination were evident. Dala learns and grows with ever fight and we can’t wait to see her in action again doing what she absolutely loves! Well done Dala!

“ team and myself are extremely happy with the performance and progress displayed.
I definitely feel the level up with every new fight and opponent and it makes me hungrier for the game – 
It was never about the record, the titles or the 15mins of spotlight… it has always been about pushing through my own physical and mental “limitations” and pursuing something I love
– It’s not about the destination, but about the journey. And my journey just started Thanks for all those who showed their support and for the beautiful messages ~ Dala Thongsamouth