Results from the weekends fights. (Check out our fighter’s full profiles by clicking their name below)


Here comes the Champion!! IBRAHIM ABOU SALEH (NSW) won and is now the New WBC Australian Champion. Ibby continues to amaze us with his strong and exciting skills! He secured the win by stoppage via a cut to his opponent in the 4th round.

“And the NEW! Congratulations Ibby, fought like a very worthy champion. Couldn’t be prouder.” ~ PTJ Muaythai Gym

AMBROSE ADELAIDE (NSW) went down to VIC for another interstate Muay Thai fight. Unfortunately, he didn’t secure the win, but Ambrose is unstoppable and full of determination, he keeps on improving every fight. Good work Ambrose!


The Tornado came home with a massive win! A huge congrats to KAITLYN “THE TORNADO” TUCKER (NZ) for winning her Muay Thai fight on Saturday night in New Zealand to become the AMTA Elite Class Title holder! Great job Kaitlyn!

“Got the win on Saturday night but didn’t go the way I had hoped so back to the grind.” ~ Kaitlyn Tucker


WINNER WINNER! KYE TSMT (QLD) put up a great Muay Thai fight and came away with the Win! This photo says it all he’s jumping for joy at getting the W!  Great work Kye

Photo source: Conquest Muay Thai Promotions

Fantastic effort and dedication showed by EITHAN TSMT (QLD) in his fight on the weekend. He didn’t get the win, but he demonstrated good technique and sportsmanship! Well done Eithan!

Photo source: Conquest Muay Thai Promotions

LOUIE TSMT (QLD). Had a Muay Thai fight on the Sunshine Coast over the weekend, unfortunately he came away with a loss. On to the next one Louie!

Photo source: Conquest Muay Thai Promotions

AZIA TSMT (QLD) had an opportunity to test his Muay Thai skills. Unfortuntely he didn’t win thits time but he fought his heart out and this won’t stop him.

Photo source: Conquest Muay Thai Promotions

BOSTYN “THE BOSS” MUCHA (SA) has proven his skills once again. He travelled to Queensland for another insterstate Muay Thai fight and successfully conquered the victory! Hard work and dedication pays off!

Photo source: Conquest Muay Thai Promotions

Great to see NOAH TSMT (QLD) back in the ring again after a 12 month break. No win for Noah, he put on an exciting fight for the punters and will be back with a vengence again very soon!

Photo source: Conquest Muay Thai Promotions

“Yesterday I had my first fight in over year and I took on a very experienced opponent, unfortunately [my opponent] got me in the clinch but it was great to get Fight of the day” ~ NOAH TSMT

Woohoo! Congratulations to CURTIS TSMT (QLD) who won his Muay Thai fight on the weekend. He put on a strong performance and came away with a well-deserved win!

Photo source: Conquest Muay Thai Promotions

What a good fight between JAX FENECH (NSW) and RILEY TSMT (QLD) in a very close Muay Thai war. Both young fighters put on great performances, but Jax secured the win. Great fight boys!

Photo source: Conquest Muay Thai Promotions

JAYDEN TSMT (QLD) fought against ISAIAH NTG (QLD) in an action packed Muay Thai bout in QLD. These boys demonstrated great skills and gave their all. After and exciting fight, Jayden’s hand was raised as the new 47KG SIAM QLD Champion. Well done boys!

Photo source: Conquest Muay Thai Promotions

“What day it was! I came home with the Siam QLD title belt and got to show everyone how hard I had worked for this win. Constantly improving through fight camp I pushed myself to be better than last time and so happy with the outcome. This couldn’t have happened without @isaiah_ntg agreeing to another fight. It was such an awesome experience stepping in that ring with him again.” ~ JAYDEN TSMT

CAILIN TSMT⁠ (QLD) jumped over the ropes for a Muay Thai exhibition bout on Saturday after everyone tried very hard to find anyone in Australia that was willing to jump in for a scored fight.  Cailin was at least able to show off her awesome skills and technique so that her hard work in training could be put to the test.  Well done Cailin.

Photo source: Conquest Muay Thai Promotions

” I was very greatful that I got the opportunity to have an exhibition bout, thank you so much for steeping in and doing that with me. It was so good that I got to be on my own gyms fight show and be with my team.” ~ CAILIN TSMT

A thrilling and bloody fight put up by MATTEO LEPORATTI (NSW) on the weekend. No win this time unfortunately with a cut stoppage in the 2nd. We look forward to seeing Matteo back over the ropes again soon!

Photo source: Conquest Muay Thai Promotions

“Well, yesterday didn’t go as I wanted and expected , I guess it’s part of the game but I couldn’t deliver at all and I m very disappointed of my self .kinda decided to stop at the end of round 2( saying it out loud hurts , writing it down even worse ).” ~ MATTEO LEPORATTI


Congratulations to LACHLAN DUGGAN (QLD) who won his Muay Thai fight on Saturday night by a TKO in the third round. Excellent work, Lachlan!

“First up we had young Lochy Duggs who faced a talented home crowd young fighter. He executed the game plan perfectly, applied the corner advise and took the win via TKO stoppage.” ~ Revolution MMA