3-in-1 Gel Foot/Ankle/Shin Shields



What you get
1 pair of re-usable Gel Foot Shields (left & right foot)

Large – suitable for Adults size 7-9 shoe

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Our ‘Gel 3-in-1 Shields’ are a unique and innovative product that have been designed and tested by Australian fighters to target those annoying and inconvenient injuries to your feet, ankles and shins.

The impact gel extends the entire length of the Foot Shields with a toe loop at the end to keep it securely in place on your foot. The specially formulated gel padding down the front is to absorb hard impact. The foot shields also provide support for your ankles like a traditional ankle guard and they can also be pulled up to double as shin guards to help protect from pesky knee/elbow clashes on your shin or to soften the blow to bruised shins.

What you get
1 pair of re-usable ‘Gel Foot Shields’

Adult – suitable for adults size 7-9 shoe

Product Information
Fabric is polyester/spandex & polyurethane impact absorption gel
Meets European safety standards

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