Attention Fight Gym Owners: It hurts me to see so many people and friends in our industry running fight gyms they think can only be a ‘hobby’ or they run a gym that is under-performing, undercharging and therefore never reaching its full potential. We all work so hard and have such a great industry that […]

Trainer / Fighter Relationship

A solid trainer/athlete relationship Written by: Yolanda Schmidt Apart from your family, as an athlete, your trainer or coach becomes a pivotal part of your life. Perhaps the next closest person to you. Similar in the way an infant becomes attached to a parent, your trainer is your “primary caregiver”within your sporting career, and a good […]

Muaythai: Positive Impacts on Character Development of Adolescents

Muaythai: Positive Impacts on Character Development of Adolescents Written by: Yolanda Schmidt   Muaythai, or any martial art for that matter, develops more than simply the ability to defend yourself. I am convinced that by the end of this article you too will agree that Muaythai can positively impact the future of our youth, and is […]

Learn how to get sponsorship

Chat with Sponsorship Consultant Vickie Saunders about Fighter Sponsorship.  Please note we have now rescheduled a new Webinar for August 5th at 7:15pm, to give you guys the chance to ask Vickie your questions etc.. Webinar for athletes of all sports