Member Results- March 17th- 19th 2017

Awesome work to all our NRF fighters who fought over the weekend. Check out the photos & videos below from all the action over the weekend.  Great effort by our fighters we are proud of you all!



held in Melbourne, invited all members of the Australian Martial Arts community to represent Australia on the WAKO world Stage in Sport Kickboxing. With many disciplines in Point Fighting, Light Contact Continuous Kickboxing, Full Contact Kickboxing, Low Kick Kickboxing, K1 Rules, Kick Light and Musical forms.

Here’s how our members went in Melbourne:

Lauchy “Rolex” Murray  entered a few tournaments and got himself three GOLD medals to wear proudly for Kick Light, Point fighting and Modified MMA. “Rolex” won his Point Fighting with a stoppage. He was even asked to do a demonstration right in front of the man himself, Arnold Schwarzenegger! What an experience for Lauchy!

Lauchy with all his GOLD

Couldn’t be prouder of  (this) Champion. (He) fought in 5 events on the weekend in Melb and come home 3 gold for Lauchy Murray” ~ Anthony Vella (Trainer)


Kyl Juler fought in the 67kg K1 tournament.

Kyl lost a close war on points, his best fight to date, sadly the opponent had a tough chin! Awesome work nonetheless ” ~ Blair Chave (trainer)

Check out this round of some awesome work from Kyl (blue corner):

Austin Fredricks had a win in his first fight and then a loss in the second in Kick Light. Well done Austin on making your entrance in the ring for 2017!

Austin ready to fight

Check out Austin’s Kick Light Fight No:2

Brooke “Psyco” Cooper won Gold in a junior tournament and then later that weekend gaining another belt to add to her recent collection. In the senior fight Brooke was up against a very tough and experienced fighter, wining herself the WAKO Oceanic belt! Fantastic work Brooke!

Well after quite some dramas, it turns out I now have one hell of a fight tomorrow. I will be up against the very tough and experienced Pia Salgado for a WAKO title belt. I certainly have my work cut out for me with this one but hopefully I can step it up! I’m honoured to have such an awesome opportunity, The Arnold Classic is such a massive event with talent at every corner from every discipline from body building to karate?? not to mention I’m in Melbourne! Life is great lets bring it home kaos! ” ~ Brooke Psyco” Cooper


Brooke and her bling

Brooke Cooper has done it again…. she has fought the tough Pia from Phoenix Gym taking home the senior 60kg Wako belt. This girl fought exactly 1 week ago today bringing home the WKBF 60kg Title. No stopping this Kaos Angel” ~ Kaos Martial Arts

Josie “Bubbles” Rossallen got her self some shiny medals gaining a gold in the Kick Light Category and two Bronze in Points Sparring and Continuous Contact. Awesome job Bubbles!

Josie “Bubbles” bringing home 3rd place for points sparring

Josh ‘The Boss” King had himself a busy weekend entering in four tournaments and bringing home a bit of GOLD!

Josh brings home a Gold and a Silver for today’s (Saturday) efforts! … (Sunday’s) efforts was two gold!! First one was a tough couple of fights for gold kickboxing! Unfortunately the second was by default as the opponent didn’t show for the MMA bout. What an amazing experience to of been part of!! ~ Jayson King (Josh’s Dad)


Zak “Pitbull” Tilley  went 5 rounds of FTR giving himself the W. According to his trainer, he was losing the first 2 rounds so they changed their game plan and he did exactly what was needed to win the last 3 rounds!!!!!  What a fantastic result Zak!

“Won my fight last night would just like to thank everyone that helped me train for this fight”- Zak ‘Pitbull” Tilley

Zak (left) for the W!


Joe Florence went to Thailand to bring home the WMO World Title in Bangkok on Saturday night at a tournament.  His opponent didn’t show for the first fight so he got a walk through to fight against Brazil.


Unfortunately I lost my fight to Brazil in the first round gave it my all just wasn’t on his level! time to regroup with my family and friends and then refocus on the next one cheers for everyone’s support.” ~ Joe Florence


Watch his fight (fwd to 17min- blue corner)


Rob Lambkin LOSS
Kyl Juler LOSS
Austin Fredricks – Kick Light LOSS
Brooke “Psyco” Cooper
K1 Senior- WAKO Oceania Belt & GOLD
Josie “Bubbles” Rossallen
1 GOLD Kick Light, 2 BRONZE Point Sparring & Light Contact Continuous
Josh “The King” King
Lauchy “Rolex” Murray
3 GOLD Point Fighting, Light Contact Continuous & Kick Light
Zak Tilley WIN
Joe Florence LOSS

Photo credits to:
Sharon Richards Photographics
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