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If You Do Muay Thai In Adelaide, You Should Sign Up For Nationally Registered Fighters Australia

If you’ve been training for your first Muay Thai fight in Adelaide and you’re looking to get in the ring sooner, why not sign up with Nationally Registered Fighters Australia? We’re here to connect fighters, gyms, and promoters with everything they need to stay ahead of the game. Whether you’re a novice Muay Thai fighter, amateur fighter or established professional fighter, Nationally Registered Fighters can help you take your fight career to the next level.

Get More Time In The Ring

If you’re struggling to find opportunities to get in the ring, Nationally Registered Fighters Australia can help.

  • Fight matching services. Our innovative fight matching service allows us to pair you up with a challenging but fair opponent. We’ll use our comprehensive database of fighters to find you the perfect match to meet in the ring.
  • Fight booking facilities. If there’s a particular match or fight show you want to be part of, our fight booking facility can help you get your name on the undercard.
  • Get access to more interstate opportunities. If you’re looking for opportunities outside Muay Thai fights in Adelaide, Nationally Registered Fighters can help match you with fights interstate.
  • Keep up-to-date with all the latest news and fights. When you register with Nationally Registered Fighters, we’ll make sure to keep you informed on all the latest news for Muay Thai in Adelaide and throughout Australia.

Access Promotion And Marketing Help

It can be hard finding the time to train while simultaneously doing all your own marketing and promotion work for your upcoming fights. Why not leave your promotion in the hands of the experts at Nationally Registered Fighters?

  • We’ll promote you on our platforms. Nationally Registered Fighters has a large audience of fighters, gyms, promoters, sponsors, and businesses, so we’ll use our influence to get your name out there.
  • You’ll have exposure to promoters. Promoters who sign up to Nationally Registered Fighters can access our database of fighters and trainers to find opponents for fight cards or re-match last-minute withdrawals.
  • Access a vast range of online tools and resources. We’ll help you improve and streamline your self-marketing strategy so you can get your name out to a larger audience. With our range of resources, you’ll spend less time posting and sharing, and more time training for your next fight.

Join A Community Of Passionate Fighters

One of the best aspects of signing up with Nationally Registered Fighters is that you’ll have access to a community of 10,000 like-minded people passionate about combat sports and martial arts.

  • Find fighters near you. Searching through the fighter database, you’ll be able to find other Muay Thai fighters in Adelaide, so you can connect and share experiences.
  • Find your perfect match. If you’re looking for a sparring partner from other Muay Thai gyms in Adelaide, Nationally Registered fighters is the ideal place to find them. Our fighter records are always accurate and up-to-date, so you’ll be able to find someone from the same weight class and of a similar level of experience to spar and fight.
  • Access support. We’re always here to support our fighters and help them achieve their goals inside and outside the ring. The team at Nationally Registered Fighters are excited to see our fighters’ careers progress, and we’ll always try to find them opportunities to improve.

If You’re Fighting Muay Thai In Adelaide, Sign Up For Nationally Registered Fighters Australia

Nationally Registered Fighters Australia is one of Australia’s leading resources for fighters, gyms, trainers, promoters, businesses, and sponsors working within combat sports. Whether your sport of choice is boxing, Muay Thai, MMA or Kickboxing; Nationally Registered Fighters will help you find opportunities to get in the ring and progress your fight career. Our founder and CEO, Melina Yung, is an accomplished former Muay Thai champion and understands first-hand the difficulties fighters face with self-promotion, booking fights, and accessing support. She has brought her experience and expertise to Nationally Registered Fighters to create a platform that fighters all over the country can use to reach their full potential. If you’re currently fight training in Muay Thai in Adelaide, consider joining Nationally Registered Fighters today. We can’t wait to see where your career will take you.

We are also here to assist all associations in record management, we are not bound to any one sanctioning body,  everyone is welcome

  • Trainers and gyms find your fighters sparring partners and fight matches.
  • Promoters can easily contact trainers to fill your fight cards or re-match last minute withdrawals.
  • Fighters ensure you are easily accessible by promoters and potential sponsors. We aim to get your names known within the fighting community and to encourage more interstate matches.
  • Businesses For a unique and exciting way to advertise your business and support our sport, why not join our NRF Partner Program today!
  • For more information or to register please browse the rest of our website or contact us at

We look forward to assisting all fighters, gyms, promoters and businesses across Australia to help get our sport the recognition it deserves throughout the nation.

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