Member Results February 17 2018 | Nationally Registered Fighters (Australia)
Member Results February 17 2018

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Two NRF Members, JADA KETLEY &  NAKIA “DROP BEAR” WRIGHT fought 5 tough rounds against each other in a Full Thai rules war in QLD. With Jada coming away with the WIN.

took home the win after a tough 5 rounds against Nakia. Was definitely a war and I know we will be meeting again at some stage. Thanks to everyone who has been involved in my prep- sparring me, clinching me, encouraging me, running with me, holding pads for me and for pushing me to my limits  ” – Jada Ketley

Our Double Dose Muay Thai Australia warriors did battle last night! Benji won his fight and Nakia lost a 5 round decision. Both fighters left everything in the ring! Such a beautiful couple even with battle marks! Love to you both from all of us @ DDMT USA and super proud of you!

Nakia (L) & Jada (R) at weigh in.

Jada in action

Nakia in action

Jada won the fight


An elbow, knee & blood fest between NRF Fighters BENJI WRIGHT & SCOTT ROWSTHORN over the weekend in Brisbane in an exciting FTR fight. The boys had the crowd going absolutely nuts with Benji winning via UPD. Great work guys!


Benji(left) and Scott(right) weighed in.

Benji and Scott in action

Benji gets the win


BRANDON VRHOVAC  came away with a TKO Win in Brisbane. Our NRF Fighter displaying beautiful clean technical kicks. Impressive work Brandon!


Brandon (left) won the fight

Brandon showing what he made of!



HUGH O’DONNELL  fought in a victorious full thai rules bout in NSW over the weekend taking home the WIN. Well done Hugh!


Hugh weighed in

Hugh gets the win


LAURA CAVE  trained hard, made weight and we as ready and keen to fight on Saturday night, but unfortunately, she did not make it over the ropes due to a CSA issue on the night.


Sadly I didn’t get to fight last night due to a CSA related issue. Hands wrapped, good mindset, trained hard, I was so ready.. but nothing we could do unfortunately. I’m so devastated I never got to fight on home grounds in front of my friends and family who were out in the crowd but this is all apart of the fight game, sometimes shit happens. Thank you so much for everyone who came out to support me, means the world.” – Laura Cave

Laura weighed in


LUKE THOMPSON  fought over the weekend for the MTA NSW title. This beast taking home the bling and the big W. Great job Luke!


Luke weighed in


Luke with his new shiny MTA title belt


Jada Ketley WIN Muay Thai
Nakia Wright LOSS Muay Thai
Benji Wright WIN Muay Thai
Scott Rowsthorn LOSS Muay Thai
Brandon Vrhovac WIN Muay Thai
Hugh O’donnell WIN Muay Thai
Luke Thompson WIN Muay Thai

Photo credits to:
Sharon Richards Photographics
& members own photos

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