August 5-10th 2017  has been an exciting and action packed week for our  NRF Junior fighters!

The International Federation of Muaythai Amateur (IFMA) World Championships were held in Bangkok and showcased a lot of talent and skills for the young fighters of today’s generation.

Each of our amazing young ambassadors, represented Australia with great pride, confidence and passion.

Our NRF representatives were, Emily Curtain, Brooke Cooper, Josie Rossallen, Emily Corry, Josh King, Lateya Goulton, Taylor Girgis & Nathaniel Willis.  Here are the results from our young warriors. We are super proud of each and every one of you!


Emily “Pitbull” Curtain GOLD
2 Wins
Brooke “Psycho” Cooper BRONZE
1 Win (via stoppage)
1 Loss
Emily “Cookies” Corry BRONZE
1 Win
1 Loss
Josie “Bubbles” Rossallen Loss
Lateya “Princess Warrior” Goulton SILVER
1 Win
1 Loss
Josh “The Boss” King  BRONZE
1 Win
1 Loss
Taylor Girgis  Loss
Nathaniel Willis  Loss

Here is how the NRF Juniors went:

Emily “Pitbull” Curtain – GOLD MEDALIST
Day 3 – Win vs Netherlands @ 54kg  14-15yrs also a big Happy Sweet 16th Birthday to Emily – winning her fight on her birthday!
Day 5 – Win vs Turkey @ 54kg  14-15yrs

So proud. After breaking her hand last year 2 weeks before the world championships, Emily has taken what she has worked so hard for. WORLD CHAMPION!!- Emily “The Pitbull” Curtain

Video: Day 3 Win against Netherlands (Blue corner):

Video: Day 6 Win against Turkey (red corner):

Nathaniel Willis
Day 1 – Win vs Kyrgyzstan @48kg 16-17yrs
Day 2 –  loss vs Thailand @48kg 16-17yrs

Unfortunately no win today day …  glad to represent Australia and happy with the way i fought…” -Nathaniel Willis

See Nathaniel’s Day 2 fight against Thailand here:

Taylor Girgis

Day 2 – Loss vs Israel

Win or learn at the World Games in Thailand. Boonchu boys lost the first round at the IFMA’s. Hope they have a speedy recovery and enjoy Thailand, the land of smiles. Most of all support the rest of the Australia Team. Still proud of you all Taylor Tagg… and Nathaniel Willis.” Boonchu Gym

Taylor Girgis

See Taylor’s Day 2 fight against Israel here:

Josie “Bubbles” Rossallen 

Day 1 – Loss vs Turkey @44kg 12-13yr

Well our baby Bubbles may not have come away with a win but she is still gold to us. And not many girls her age can say they have fought Turkey. Proud of you Josie xx” – Rossallen Family

Lateya “Princess Warrior” Goulton  – SILVER MEDALIST
Day 3 – Win vs New Zealand @ 44kg 10-11yr
Day 4 – Loss vs Thailand @ 44kg 10-11yr

Well that was nerve racking.. thort [sic] she had done enough to take the win but I’m super proud of her. she’s disappointed in herself but they’ll be no tears coming out of my girl.. she’s a champion!” -Lateya’s Family

Wow super proud of this couragous Princess Warrior you fought your heart out last night my girl that was an epic battle you represented Australia and brought home a silver medal so proud.” -Lateya’s Family

Lateya’s Day 3 win against NZ (Blue corner):

Lateya’s final fight (Day 4) against Thailand (Blue corner):

Josh “The Boss” King- BRONZE MEDALIST

Day 1 – Win vs Mexico @ 54kg 12-13yrs
Day 3 –  Loss vs Kazakhstan @ 54kg 12-13yrs

Super proud mum tonight. Josh didn’t come away with the win but what courage and skill he showed up against the tough boy from Kazakhstan. Not to mention he has two broken toes!” – Josh’s Family

Josh’s final fight (Day 3) against Kazakhstan here: (Blue corner)

Brooke “Psycho” Cooper – BRONZE MEDALIST

Day 3  – Win vs Iran via ref stoppage @ 60kg 16-17yrs

Day 4 – Loss vs Germany @ 60kg 16-17yrs

Won my fight against IR- IRAN tonight, ref stoppage in the second round. On to fight against Germany in the semi-finals possibly tomorrow. Thankyou to everyone for all your lovely support and messages it means the world to me” – Brooke “Psycho” Cooper


Brooke’s Day 3 Win against Iran: (Red Corner)

No win tonight, lost on points to Germany…Thankyou to everyone here and back home for your words of encouragement and support..” – Brooke “Psycho” Cooper

Sad to say my last year at the IFMA Junior World Games has come to an end… I am fortunate to be returning home with a bronze medal, some awesome memories and a lot to work on. I have met some amazing people and been lucky enough to witness the future superstars of this sport take on the world, congratulations on each and every athlete you all showed enormous heart and the true Aussie spirit shined bright.” – Brooke “Psycho” Cooper

Emily “Cookies” Corry BRONZE MEDALIST
Day 1 – Win vs Bolivia @ 36kg 12-13yrs

Day 3 Loss vs Thailand 36kg 12-13yrs

So very proud Emily Corry you were amazing bringing home a bronze medal can not take the smile off my face.” – Emily’s family

Emily “Cookies” Corry

Emily’s loss against Thailand (Day 3):

Check out some photos below of our NRF Members…

Photo & video credits from fighter’s own images and “The Muay Thai Mouth”

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