Results from the weekends fights. (Check out our fighter’s full profiles by clicking their name below)


SKYLAH “HEADSHOT” HAMILL (QLD)⁠ is now a three-time gold medalist at the IFMA Youth Games. Skylah put on a strong performance in Malaysia last week, she impressed the entire world and was also awarded the “2022 IFMA Most Outstanding Female Athlete! Thank you for representing Australia and showing how strong our Aussie females are! 

“I won gold this year at the youth world championships after three tough fights. Id like to thank @joe.hilton.7 and Frank for helping me prepare and for the tips before each fight..Also thank you to team Australia for cheering me on and to everyone at home who supported me through the live stream  I can’t wait for next year!!” ~ Skylah Hamill

“GORGEOUS JORJ” HERSEY (QLD) accomplished a huge feat winning her first bout in the tournament then fighting again just a few days later.  She came away with the Silver Medal for her division in the IFMA Muay Thai Youth Games over in Malaysia. Well done Jorja on showing your hard work and years of dediation to the sport. You have a huge future ahead of you! 

“Meet our newest Silver Medalist, Jorja Hersey . Well done Jorja, not feeling 100% today was always going to be a test. You climbed through those ropes and gave your best. The drive and dedication you have shown leading into these games has been of gold medal standard. Stand tall and show off that Silver Medal proudly….” ~ Sunshine Coast Thai Boxing Centre

SKYLA “FULL NOISE” CHATTERTON (NT) secured a bronze medal at the 2022 IFMA Muay Thai Youth Games in Malaysia last week. What a great achievement and awesome experience for this young rising star. 

“First time at the world youth championship and received a bronze medal! This experience has been amazing and I have met so many good people from it. I would like to say a huge Thankyou to everyone who made this possible. ~ Skyla Chatterton

GRAEME “GRIM REAPER” CLARKE (QLD) fought hard and represented Team Aussie in Malaysia.  He didn’t come home a the medal but what an epic experience for him to be a part of . Great job, Graeme! 

“Today Graeme made Rippers history, becoming our 3rd athlete to represent Rippers at a world level. And is officially in the top 10 of his division in the world! We couldn’t be any prouder of him! He fought hard and did his country proud” ~ Rippers Gym

JOSH ROBSON (QLD) also heading over to Malaysia for the IFMA World Championships, he didn’t get a medal but he got to fight twice and experience a world level tournament! What a great effort Josh!

“No win for Josh this afternoon. He definitely gave it his best shot, but his opponent was too strong. Great effort little mate. You’ve got plenty of courage.” ~ Sunshine Coast Thai Boxing Centre


BROOKE “PSYCHO” COOPER (QLD) takes on the current WMC World Muay Thai Champion and comes away with the WIN!  This is a huge achievement for Brooke, beating one of the worlds top females!  Brooke is making waves in both the Boxing and Muay Thai worlds – taking on the best and never backing down from a challenge. Congratulations Booke, you are an inspiration to so many!

DEREN CHEN (NSW) put on a great Muay Thai battle in Brisbane but unfortunately he didn’t get the win. Plenty more from Deren to come, on to the next one!

“No win last night for me, my opponent got the better of me and got the job done….Back to the drawing board. I will get stronger from this. Peace”  ~ Deren Chen

What an epic war!! CRUZ BBRIGGS (NSW) fought in Brisbane and put on what is sure to be one of the best fights of the year!!  Cruz didn’t get the win, but boy did he have the crowd on it’s feet!!  Cruz demonstrated how tough and skilled he is.

“The result didn’t go our way Saturday night. We trained hard for 6 weeks and I left it all in the ring but sometimes that’s not enough…..what a war definitely the most entertaining fight I’ve ever been involved in, it has to be 2022 fight of the year!” ~ Cruz Briggs

Over the weekend, ANTHONY PAPAZ (QLD) put on another exciting Muay Thai fight. Ant showed his great talent and technique, but unfortunately his hand wasn’t raised at the end. We are looking forward to your next fight!

Photo Source: Combat Analytics

BRONTE “RAMBO” SIMPSON-HAY (NSW) lost in a tough Muay Thai fight on the weekend. Her passion and determination were evident. Throughout her career, Bronte has grown and learned with each fight, and we can’t wait to see her back in action doing what she enjoys!

Photo Source: Combat Analytics

CURTIS TSMT had a fantastic experience in a 4 man on the weekend. He won in the semi final to go through to the final which he came away with a super a close loss. Good job, Curtis!

“Curtis’s first 4 man fight WIN…Curtis’s second 4 man fight a VERY close LOSS…
That’s Curtis’s 2nd fight show having 2 fights…..Showing so much strength for such a little man, him & his opponent giving he crowd a great show.” ~ Team Stalder Muay Thai

A great fight experience for SETH “THE CYCLONE” WHITE  (QLD) came away with a win and a loss. Taking on two different fights on the day! Seth showed great improvement and puts everything he has into every fight.  Backing up after a loss to get a win in a second fight is testmant to his heart. Well done, Seth!

“…When I say this kid just keeps getting better and better I mean it! He never takes a backwards step and shows so much heart. He demonstrated very strong dumps in the clinch and catch and sweep techniques. We are so so proud of you Cyclone!~ KAOS Muay Thai Hervey Bay

Wonderful exhibition bout between CAILIN TSMT (QLD) and LANA PARNHAM (NSW). Both girls performed amazing showing great skill. Well done to the girls for getting some extra ring experience under your belts!

“…Was good for both the girls to get some rounds in front of a crowd  Cailina TSMT is one to look out for!” ~ Andrew Ptj Parnham

Another notch of experience for this young champion.  BOSTYN “THE BOSS” MUCHA (SA) travelled to QLD for an exhibition bout.  This kid is so eager to fight and is willing to travel to anywhere to get the chance to step over the ropes.  Can’t wait to see more of “The Boss” in the ring aging soon!

“Boston had an exhibition as we couldn’t find him a match, Thank you..for…giving Boston some good ring experience” ~ Strong Heart Muay Thai

ZACHARY TREGENZA (QLD) puts on a solid peformance in a boxing tournmanet last week, he won agaist some strong opponents to secure his spot to the semi-finals, yesterday he fought the semis  and didn’t get the win but proving he can stand his ground agaist the best. Great work Zac!

“Lastly we had @zactregenza who was inspirational and showed great heart, fighting every day and facing some very talented opponents. His division was the most stacked of the tournament, full of current and ex champions, so we knew that he had a big hill to climb, but man did he make a statement getting all the way to the Semi’s. He faced the favourite to win the division in the semifinals, coming from one of the strongest boxing gyms in the state, and unfortunately didn’t get the win. But after his effort this weekend, he is definitely a champion in our eyes..” ~ Revolution MMA

MADELINE NOONAN (QLD) stepped in for a Boxing fight on the weekend, she didn’t come away with the win but she put up a great strong fight. 

“@madsnoonan has made huge sacrifices in her life to pursue her own dreams, literally changing her entire life, and in less than 2yrs of fight training experience has racked up some impressive experience. She will put her hand up for any challenge, wants to stay as active as possible, is constantly grinding to get better and is the definition of a mixed martial artist; Someone who can do it all, yet will compete against specialists in all disciplines because she wants to challenge herself and get sharper. With that attitude, I honestly believe that there is no goal that isn’t obtainable for her.” ~ Revolution MMA