Featured Fighter – Cassi “Little One” Pinney

This months NRF member featured fighter….

Name: Cassi Pinney
Fight Name: Little One
Fight Style: Muay Thai
Fight Stats: 3 fights 3 wins

Cassi started training in July 2011 and since then has come out guns blazing! This is one up and coming fighter to watch for, winning 3 out of 3 fights so far.

Off to Russia for the IFMA World Games in September this year, Cassi has her sights set on bringing home an IFMA Junior Amateur World Championship belt.

When asked what got Cassi into Muay Thai, she answered “I’m just a naturally energetic person so I was looking for something to do to release a bit of that inner psycho 😉 hahhaha….a friend of mine recommended Muay Thai and shortly afterwards Nathan (Carnage) Corbett came into the restaurant I was working at and started telling me about Urban Fight Gym, I was hooked after my first class, within less than a week I had changed all my shifts so i could train every night!”

How often does Cassi train?…well this fighter is dedicated! “…everyday!! except Sunday….run or sprints set every morning, then at night 2 or so hours made up of skipping/shadow sparring/pads/bags/drills/grappling etc. I usually do some form of plyometric weight training a few times a week as well”

Cassi has been inspired by and looks up to “Missy” (Joanna Maceachern), Nathan “Carnage” Corbett and Caley Reece. “I also love seeing the likes of Baukaw, Mark “Sarra” Sarracino, Dzhabar and JWP in action…”

Cassi is set to fight in Sydney this Saturday (June 26th) and we wish her a strong safe fight!

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