March 12 Fight Results


Results from the weekends fights in Queensland. 
(Check out our fighter’s full profiles by clicking their name below)


Congratulations to KAROLYN “KRAZY KARO” KLEINHAAR who is the new WKBF QLD Light Middleweight Title holder.  Karolyn has been on a strong path and the hard work paid off! A well-deserved win Karo!

TANDIA SINGLETON fought against fellow NRF member JESS “THE MESS” TURNER. They went head to head for the 54kg WKBF QLD Title. Both fighters put on a solid fight, with Tandia taking the win and the new WKBF QLD FLYWEIGHT CHAMPION. Congrats Tandia and well done Jess for putting on a tough fight!

And still the WKBF Australian Light Middleweight Champion, JESSIE “THE REAL” GEYL! Jessie won against fellow NRF member WHITNEY GEOGHEGAN. It was a great fight to watch. Both girls are strong and showed their skills and technique. Awesome fight girls!

DANIEL “SEXY LEGS” COOK stepped into the ring for his 11th Muay Thai fight. He was determined for the WKBF title by putting on a strong and solid performance.  Unfortuntaely getting caught with an elbow and a very nasty split above his eyebrow. The Doctor called the fight off.  A bit of rest to heal up and we’ll see Sexy Legs back in the ring again very soon.

The new WKBF QLD Champion FINN “60 LITRE” COLEMAN!  A well-executed technique and plan. We are so proud of you for putting on a great show!

“Finn “60 Litre” Coleman, who also answers to The Iceman, won a hard fought 5 round decision over his opponent. It was a top fight with both men working hard to the end.
Well done Finn! Still undefeated.” ~
The Ironfist Gym

ANDREW HURMAN  had for his second Muay Thai fight. He didn’t get the win but it was a great fight. He’ll be back to the gym and will definitely come back stronger. 

“Andrew Hurman, despite losing on points, showed a huge heart wearing big shots and fighting to the end. Most proud of the Hurminator.” ~ The Ironfist Gym

DORIAN DI PIETRANTONIO had his 4th Muay Thai Fight over the weekend. He had a tough battle against his opponent but didn’t get the result he wanted. Dorian showed great courage and fought his heart out. He’ll be back again soon! 

BRENDEN “KID RIPPER” CAVANAGH (QLD)⁠ fought for his 2nd Muay Thai over the weekend, not getting the win, but showed he’s true fighting spirit and never quit attidiude. Well done Brenden! 

“Brenden, leading up to this fight, brenden has worked his butt off. Dropping a whopping 20kg since his last fight! 2 weeks ago he sustained an injury, and that unfortunately played a factor in the fight tonight! Forever proud of how far you have come and how big your trophy is!” ~ Rippers Gym Hervey Bay

No win for SEBASTIAN “SENSATION” MARIC  on the weekend but he fought so well and displayed beautiful Muay Thai. Great work!

“What an experience fighting on “Rumble at the ridge”. Didn’t quite go the distance but def gave it a crack. Was a great weekend fighting alongside @cav.rgmt and having the team be there to support. Grateful to my coaches and keen to get back in there!” ~ Sebastian Maric

Another great fight for DAKOTA TAMBO. She didn’t win but we witnessed her aggression, strength, and intensity. Can’t wait to see her for the next one!

“Dakota Tambo stepped into ring with the heart of a lioness, she was what I class as beautiful Muay Thai. Technically awesome to watch & fluency in her movement was outstanding. Not coming away with a win can be a hard pill to swallow after all the training & traveling you go through to get there, however super proud of how she performed.” ~ Oceanic Martial Arts Academy

A fantastic effort by SOPHIE “THE DEVIL” HORNER. Sophie put everything on the line in this fight, determined to get the win, unfortunately not coming away with the desired. We can’t wait to see “The Devil” back to the ring again soon! Keep an eye out for what’s coming next for Sophie!

OCTAVIUS MACDONALD had a Muay Thai bout against fellow NRF member LINCOLN “GINGE” DAVIS.  Both boys did their best and showed great skill. Octavius won and remains undefeated. Well done young warriors!

SETH WHITE had his 3rd Muay Thai fight. Unfortunately, he didn’t came away with a win but Seth shows strength and dedication every time he steps into the ring. Great fight Seth!

“Seth up first having his first fight without head and chest pads and being able to punch in the head. He done so well pushing forward and not taking a step back. Unfortunately he was stopped in the last part of the final round from taking too many punches to the face and not keeping his hands up.” ~ Kaos Muay Thai Hervey Bay

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