Muay Thai – Member Fight Show Results: 17-19th July

muay thai

Our NRF Member fight results from around Australia for July 17th – July 19th.

Train Hard! Fight Strong!

VIC Shows

Beck Beirne vs Anna Papaioannou Beck: Win
Muay Thai
Nexus Fight Show
Dwayne Harris (QLD) Loss
Muay Thai
Nexus Fight Show
David Pennimpede (NSW) Win
Muay Thai
Nexus 4-man Qualifier
David Pennimpede (NSW)  Loss Muay Thai Nexus 4-man Final
 Melina Yung (QLD) Loss K1 Rules Nexus Fight Show

QLD Shows

Josh King Win
Muay Thai
Aaron Heness Loss
Muay Thai

We were able to be at Nexus Fight Show to watch our members fight.  Beck vs Anna was a great fight.  Anna delivering very powerful and strong right hands and Beck put on a fantastic display of technique in her kicks. Both girls fought strong and powerful.  David Pennimpede showed the crowd why age and record make no difference.  David went in to a 4-man eliminator and in both his Qualifier and the Final, faced very experienced opponents.  David won the qualifier and went through to the final taking on a veteran of Muay Thai and after a 5 round war, earned not only the respect of the crowd but also a whole new fan base.

Photos by W.L Fight Photography

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