Featured Fighter of the Month Jed Ariens

We had an quick catch up with boxer  JED “CAPTAIN JEDI” ARIENS

  • Fight Style: Boxing
  • Class: Professional Middleweight
  • State: QLD (Sunshine Coast)
  • Gym: Extreme Boxing
  • Fight Record: 36 Fights [24W-10L-2D]


How old were you when you first start training?
First ever boxing session at 10 but properly at 15

What got you into the sport?
When I was younger we read the book “The power of one” in school. Thought I would give a try since I was never any good at the team sports in school!

What is your biggest success in your career so far?
Turning pro was a big milestone! Or the IFKF AUSTRALIAN TITLE was a big one too.

What have you had to sacrifice to get to where you are now?
Boxing is full of sacrifice everyday, because we train so much there’s a lot of time with friends and family that we sacrifice to be good at what we do.

Who inspires you as a fighter?
Can’t get past the story of Jeff Horn. What a legend!

Is it more important to be respected or feared, why?
I think it’s more important to be respected. Fear doesn’t say anything about your character, respect does.

What’s coming up for you in the next few months?
My next pro fight is on 28th of July so I look forward to that! Training camp for that start next week!

What do you enjoying doing when you’re not training?
I enjoy hanging out at the beaches in Sunshine Coast with friends or my dog Boston.

If you were injured and could no longer train or fight, what would your fallback plan be?
Oh no I haven’t even thought what I would do without Boxing. Let’s just pretend that will never happen shall we?

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Jed In action (Blue). Photo by @jonahcrossley
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