Member Fight Results – July 3 to July 10

Kristian Armstrong
Congratulations for winning your Muay Thai fight!

Our NRF Member fight results from around Australia for July 3rd – July 10th.

Train Hard! Fight Strong!


Alex Amoroso Loss
Muay Thai


Kristan Armstrong Loss
Muay Thai
Kristan Armstrong Win
Muay Thai


Rob Lambkin Loss
Muay Thai
Jamie Young Loss
Muay Thai
Jai Bradney Loss
Muay Thai
Jag Warren Loss
Muay Thai

We congratulate all our members on stepping over the ropes and going to war.  A special mention goes to Kristan Armstrong who fought twice in 2 days, representing Australia in Thailand and landing a victory against the No. 2 World Professional MuayThai Federation (WPMF) Champion, Cherry RR Kila Lampang.

Alex Amoroso fought with a controversial loss decision in a “4-War” qualifier.  Jamie Young from QLD put on a fantastic display of pure entertainment, losing in a very close Split Points Decision.

Rob Lambkin and Jag Warren both returning to the ring after a big break from the canvas and Jai Bradney backed up from a few weeks prior in an MMA 21 second submission victory in Tasmania and fought again on July 3rd in a Full Thai Rules bout on Eruption Muay Thai in Brisbane.

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