Member Results December 9-10 2017

Check out the weekends NRF member fight results from around Australia (and internationally) here…


“THE GUNSLINGER” JOHN WAYNE PARR adds another win to his impressive record. Picking up his 99th win tonight, JWP is a man of his word and he did it once again – Winner by 3rd round TKO.

“It’s important we all fight aggressive to make it good on television. People like knockouts so I’ll be pulling out every trick in the book to try and make it happen.” – John Wayne Parr

Weigh ins, John Wayne Parr (left)

See him in action before his finishing TKO!


GRIFFIN NIKPALJ went up against another NRF member Quinton “Da Hitman” Smith for an ISKA Australian title. After a tough fight, he didn’t get the win this time around but he enjoyed the fight.


“It was a great fight.” – Griffin Nikpalj

Griffin at Weigh (right)


TIA NIKPALJ – she trained, she fought and she did it again! Tia impressively won a thrilling and tough battle with her opponent and successfully got the win. She is unstoppable!

at weigh in
Tia with her new bling
With her proud coach

QUINTON “DA HITMAN” SMITH had another great fight match up with his rival! A very very tough battle and he came away with a win and leaving the fight as the new ISKA Australian national champion!

“The New ISKA Australian national champion tuff tuff fight but got the goods, yeah straight out of fusion fight and fitness Innisfail” – QUINTON “DA HITMAN” SMITH

Weighin, Quinton (right)

The NEW ISKA Australian National Champ

MATTHEW “THE LION KING” LYONS  hardcore training has paid off! Showing off stability, condition, and heart, our NRF fighter “The Lion King” conquered the war!

“Won my first belt now it’s were it should be. Thanks to my opponent and to my coach.” – Matthew Lyons

Weighins, Matthew Lyons (left)

Matthew won!


EMILY “THE PITBULL” CURTAIN putting on a solid performance, Emily putting on a brilliant fight, bringing home the win and the Siam Cup title belt, with pride!

“Won an absolute war. Bringing home the bling.” – Emily “The Pitbull” Curtain

Weigh ins, Emily Curtain (right)
Emily “The Pitbull” Curtain (right) nailed it!

DAMIAN “THE HURRICANE” HALL shows the heart of a lion as he battles in a very  tough and challenging fight with his opponent. The battle was stopped in Round 1 ufortunately Damian was not able to bring it home.

Damian Hall (right)
Damian throwing down some leather (right)

EMILY “COOKIES” CORRY  after a long eager wait, Emily was finally back over the ropes to show her awesome power and skill. This little gun put on a great display of Muay Thai and came away with the win. Well done Emily

MARK SOLOMON took on a boxing fight on the weekend. He battled it out with his opponent with determination to take home the win.


“Sting like a bee indeed.” – Mark Solomon

Mark on his way to the ring



HUGH O’DONNELL stepped over the ropes and killed it again! Proving that he is still an impressive combination of speed, power, and agility, he comes away from this fight with a Gold Medal at the State MTA Championships and on his way to the National Championships next mont.


KYL “BOMBER” JULER has done it again! Kyl fought like a champ as he took control of the fight in Bangkok, Thailand. What a beast this guy is! We are super proud of you Kyl.

“Won my fight in Thailand yesterday by decision went all 3 rounds. Was awesome to fight in Thailand. Can’t thank all my sponsors and everyone enough who made this possible.” – Kyl “The Bomber” Juler

Pre-fight, Kyl Juler (left)
Post fight smiles!


John Wayne Parr WIN Muay Thai
Griffin Nikpalj LOSS Muay Thai
Tia Nikpalj WIN Muay Thai
Quinton Smith WIN Muay Thai
Matthew Lyons WIN Muay Thai
Emily Curtain WIN Muay Thai
Damian Hall LOSS Muay Thai
Emily Corry WIN Muay Thai
Mark Solomon WIN Muay Thai
Hugh O’Donnell WIN Discipline
Bangkok, Thailand
Kyl Juler WIN Discipline

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